Red wing

The American brand Red Wing was created in 1905 by Charles Beckman. Owner of a shoe store in Minnesota, he was looking for a comfortable and resistant model. Not finding it to his liking, he decided to make it himself and created the Red Wing Shoe Company. The brand has emerged as a producer of combat shoes during the First and Second World Wars. Indeed, Red Wing manufactured many of the combat shoes of American soldiers.

A century later, the tradition continues, and Red Wing continues to be made in Minnesota, just down the street from the historic workshop. The brand currently offers rather classic and minimalist models that will naturally appeal to lovers of forest rides, puddles and screaming motorcycles. A sign that after a century, the brand still has a bright future ahead of it!

Red Wing manufactures its shoes mainly by hand in the United States using American materials at the company's factories in Red Wing, Minnesota. We offer almost all of the brand's emblematic models. Because no pigments are added during the finishing process of Red Wing leather, the natural character of the leather is enhanced. The quality of the finishes is irreproachable and have made the reputation of the brand: Goodyear or Norwegian sewn, Vibram or Atlas tred sole, Greasy Leather upper, etc ... It is an ideal choice for the first workwear boots that are both comfortable and robust! Wearing a Red Wing is wearing a piece of history on your feet.

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