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Stan Ray, American Way Of Life


Between culture and strong identity, the American workwear is today an indispensable step when one likes to dress. We all know the Detroit reference Carhartt WIP for example. We find many emblematic pieces in these locker rooms, fatigue pants, overshirts and pants in twill, a very robust cotton canvas, etc.. Created in the United States in 1972, Stan Ray is one of those labels that has its own vision of workwear and transcends this style. You will love it!

The utility driven to extremes

What defines the brand is its strong American workwear aesthetic. All the classic and timeless pieces can be found there. At Stan Ray, the collections are thought as a coherent whole faithful to an American way of life aesthetic, it is a vision of textile between quality and utility.



The particularity of the wardrobe is undoubtedly the omnipresence of simple, but terribly effective pieces. For the label, there is no need for a very flashy printed tee to get dressed. A fatigue pants does the trick, no frills. We retain especially that everything has a utility, there is no superfluous, each piece of fabric has its place. To hell eccentricity and long live sobriety. The brand still tends to go a little deeper on some pieces, especially tie & dye or paint tips on its painters pants. You have to let some madness express itself.



Classic military and workwears revisited

Like any movement, American workwear has its classics. Stan Ray has taken them over and offers us each season emblematic pieces seen by a label that has its own vision of clothing, it’s a real pleasure for the eyes.

Well, it’s time to talk about the items we love. Of course, we can only start with the fatigue pants, the iconic piece of military wear lovers. It started to be used by the US army during the cold war. It is distinguished by its patch pockets that are sewn over the canvas that bring more comfort and can put bulkier objects inside.

We also find painters pants with a slightly tighter cut at the ankles, they enjoy a more modern silhouette, more adapted to everyday life. You can combine them with the CPO jacket, which takes a more military inspiration, but works very well. A flannel shirt is also present in this collection and will prove to be easy to wear and original. Basic sides, we have everything you need to complete a wardrobe, tees, caps, hoodies, etc..


The American brand strikes hard by offering varied and easy-to-wear pieces. There’s something for every taste, and chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for in this wide selection, true to the values and vision of a brand that sees clothing as an everyday ally. You can see our FW20 collection by clicking here !



By Luc.