Stan ray

Stan Ray was born in 1972. The peculiarity of his wardrobe is undoubtedly the omnipresence of simple but terribly effective pieces. For the label, there is no need for a very flashy printed tee to get dressed. A plain fatigue pants does the trick, no frills. We retain especially that everything has a utility, there is no superfluous, each piece of fabric has its place. To hell with eccentricity and long live sobriety. The brand still tends to go a little deeper on some pieces, especially tie & dye or paint tips on its pants painters. You have to let some madness express itself.

This season FW20, the American brand makes a strong impression by offering varied and easy to wear pieces. There is something for every taste, and there is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for in this wide selection, faithful to the values and vision of a brand that sees clothing as an everyday ally.

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