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The New Stan Ray FW21 Collection


Finally the return of one of the best workwear brands in existence. A brand also strongly inspired by the military heritage, as evidenced by the famous fatigues pants and CPO shirt. A brand with incredible value for money for pieces manufactured and designated in the U.S.

Did you recognize that we’re talking about Stan Ray? And yes, the famous Texas label, founded in 1972 by Earl Beard, is returning to Graduate for the new Fall Winter 2021 season. Let’s review together the products the brand presents to us for this year-end.

The CPO Shirt in all its glory.


So let’s start with the military heritage, one of the two biggest influences of the label. The CPO shirt, or the “chief petty officer” shirt. This could be translated by ” la chemise du premier maître ” in the language of Francis Lalanne. The chief petty officer is a rank in the US Navy, corresponding to something very complicated, which, I must confess, I didn’t really understand.

But, like the M-65, transcending its military origins the cpo has long since entered the traditional wardrobe. So let’s leave the military aspect aside for this time.

Originally, in the 1930s, a heavy wool overshirt, one or two chest pockets with flaps, tonal button-down. A solid and sturdy construction. A warm garment to wear on the deck of a warship sailing the waters of a hostile land.


And for the reissue of this mythical piece, the Texas label offers us different versions. One in wool, gray color, faithful to the original piece. On a straight cut and a construction of a solidity that has no reason to be ashamed of the comparison with its glorious ancestors. And we also find the cpo, this time in a 100% cotton, corduroy construction, and on different colors.

Essential basics, and high on color.


Good basics, and even great basics since they are created by the Stan Ray label. Hoodies, long sleeve tees, and classics. Obviously 100% cotton, we find once again an exemplary and robust construction, worthy of the quality standards of the Texan house. The bonus of this range, in addition to its quality, is the range of colors offered. Orange, purple, green, white, black… There is something for everyone and something to complement any outfit.

Fleece or Denim you have to choose. Or not.


On a more workwear than military side, the Texan brand has been offering a sherpa fleece-based offering for a few seasons now. More commonly known as “polar” in the language of Thierry Beccaro (oh no, I’m not proud, believe it or not). Perfect for logging some redwoods in the early morning, this range of jackets offers warmth, comfort, YKK zipped pockets, and is also available in a sleeveless vest version.

And finally, to complete our small, non-exhaustive overview of what you can find in our selection, denim. Thus, the winter box jacket, on a thick canvas of 13 oz, is a typical jacket which will remind the famous truckers jacket. We find a splendid camouflage camo on the reverse side of the garment, all in ripstop fabric!

For this new season, Earl Beard’s brand proves that it is one of the most valuable. Timeless, history, heritage, quality… That’s what Stan Ray is all about!