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The story and our review of Colorful Standard clothing.


Colorful Standard is a Danish brand founded in 2017 by Tue Deleuran. An entrepreneur by profession, the brand’s founder is not new to the fashion industry.


His first venture, Björkvin, was launched in 2006. A lifestyle access brand, available in many colors. With great success, it sold more than 500 000 pieces in 3 years.


In 2008 he founded the RTG group in Portugal. A textile branch dedicated to the production of t-shirts, sweatshirts and all kinds of pieces. Benefiting from the Portuguese know-how, the group produces for itself as well as for other brands, small or large, across the planet. The workshops weave both good basics and high-end clothing.

The second branch, Agency, acts as an agency for foreign companies, a link between a future brand and its customers. Upcoming fashion brands benefit from the professional network and advice of the RTG group. Thus, the entrepreneur who wants to launch a selection of tees, sweatshirts, shirts or jackets will benefit from products made in Portugal, advice and connections to different retailers.


Tue Deleuran is also the co-founder of the brand OH DAWN. A lifestyle label, halfway between surf culture and casual streetwear style. The brand’s products are also made in Portugal.


Finally, after a rich history of strong experience, is founded in August 2017 the label Colorful Standard.

An eco-responsible label.

The Colorful brand is positioned on the organic cotton segment, and displays the will to create an ethical fashion.


Indeed, in its Portuguese workshops, the label works with wool known as woolmark. This term means that the wool is virgin and comes from healthy animals.


The promise is also made to produce organic cotton yarn without the use of chemicals or GMOs. The different materials of the brand are eco responsible.

A range of colors.

The other important point is of course the abundant palette of colors on all its wardrobe. The brand loves color and makes it known.

Colorful Standard, whose latest collection can be found on our shop, understood that there was a place to take in the sector of no-name well done, in a beautiful fabric dyed with a bright color palette. Something to bring cheerfulness in this spring summer 2021.

The wardrobe ranges from sweaters in shades of ivory, “hunter green”, “coffee brown”, to “sunny orange”, “fleece blue” t-shirts, and “water blue” or navy blue joggers.



A comfortable fabric.

But the central element of the brand, the hidden element, would it not be in the end that it is clothing and very comfortable material. In these troubled times (2021, for our readers of the future) what better than to put on a soft sweater or sweatshirt in organic cotton yarn, warm and cozy.


The art of homewear is honored with colorful standard. Colorful homewear with well-made materials and the right size. No more messy jogging suits to go to the bakery.


The lifestyle collection can also be incorporated into streetwear and casual wear.

Colorful SS21 and the future.

With its design and fit, it is clear that the brand creates basics that are timeless. This season we have classic tees and long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies and hoodies, but also shorts, jogging, shirts, sweatshirts and finally underwear.


A whole selection of products for your wardrobe. And all in a myriad of tones based on blue, yellow, orange, white, gray … To brighten any wardrobe!