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Universal Works the workwear by excellence.


Universal Works is an epic story. The story of a man, a culture, a brand and exceptional clothing. Vest, cardigan, jacket… Functional pieces of a wardrobe enhanced by craftsmanship. A look back at the brand and the new spring summer 2021 collection.


David Keyte. Because yes, it is through him that everything happened, David Keyte has his DNA fiercely anchored to the Universal Works entity. And his DNA reflects that working-class environment and culture in which he thrives.


Born in Tamworth, a small Midlands town not far from Birmingham, the boss of Universal Works grew up in a proletarian family. His father was a baker, his mother a pastry cook, and the rest of his siblings were carpenters and bricklayers.


All he knows about the professional world is the hard work, the manual labor, the rites and customs involved in this simple and honest life.

Yeah boy, that’s how universe works.


And work means clothes. Robust clothing and workwear that can stand the test of time. David Keyte will fall in love with these clothes, their uses and their souls.


But it is not only the rugged work jackets, pants and shoes in his family’s dressing room that intrigue him. He thus watches his parents dress for Saturday nights, vests and simple shirts for leisure time, beautiful cardigans and pinch pants for the church.


He is absorbed by outfits, looks, fashion, and manages to convince his mother that he will buy his own clothes from now on with his pocket money. The rest his history.

The philosophy beyond of David Keyte.


The label goes straight ahead and continues year after year to offer decent, honest work, far from the madness of the world. Universal Works whose latest collection is on our shop, is a brand that we love, the quality is good, we are on menswear of very good workmanship and simplicity often meets excellence.


Silently, David Keyte and his team build. Like his ancestors, he is dedicated to offering quality work, as a humble man.

Spring-Summer 2021, the new collection from Universal Works.


This year, the label is introducing a different flavor, patterns and inspiration from elsewhere in its collection. Always building on a solid foundation of quality functional workwear, the designer and director of Universal Works subtly adds Indian motifs, floral patterns and subtle camouflages.


Inspired by a recent trip to India and a Reggae Sound System in Delhi, he injects looser fits into his wardrobe, breathable materials such as linen, 100% cotton on shirts with a Hawaiian pattern, and goes all the way to Japan for floral tees.


The new collection radiates a feeling of plenitude. The wardrobe brings together different cultures, different sensibilities, like a gigantic seventies jam with a mix of dub, reggae, and above all coolness.

Our selection at Graduate.


Finally, here it comes, the selection from your favorite shop. We’ve seen it, you’ve got it, we love the label and its philosophy, and we’ve chosen for you, pieces that you can’t miss.


How not to mention the pixel flower Camo road shirt. Just a step away from going cool in the matrix. A whole range of canva shorts in warm and deep tones. Note that the design is made in Portugal, and we are obviously robust pieces that can find a place in a high-class wardrobe.


For the next heatwave the brand presents us the Road shirt organic fine poplin Navy. Cut in an ultra-light cotton poplin, this shirt with its neat and minimalist finishes will be ideal for your casual looks.


Also, for the season SS21, the English label presents us the Work shirt recycled nylon Blue. This is a sporty, sophisticated and technical overshirt made of recycled polyamide (the brand, in addition to organic cotton, is clearly part of a sustainable strategy). Light and windproof, hybrid and contemporary, it is a unique piece.


In short, we’ve selected clothes that speak to us, that evoke the Universal Works label, which is part of a timeless menswear approach. Like its founder David Keyte, this collection exudes simplicity, robustness, open-mindedness and preaches a refreshing multicultural approach.