Created in 2008 in London by David Keyte, Universal Works offers a harmonious collection of timeless and sober men's clothing strongly influenced by the military universe. After more than 20 years of experience in the fashion world with brands such as Paul Smith or Maharishi, David Keyte founded his own brand focusing on quality production, easy to wear and affordable pieces. The brand was especially noticed with its buttonhole jacket and pants, the men's outfits are visually very successful.

Season SS21: The work jacket in the spotlight

Always building on a solid foundation of quality functional workwear, the designer and director of Universal Works David Keyte, offers us a reinterpretation of his classics loosely inspired by a fabric sourcing trip to India. The new collection radiates a feeling of plenitude. From Delhi to Kingston, via London and Kyoto, the wardrobe brings together different cultures, different sensibilities, like a gigantic seventies jam with a mix of dub, and reggae. This coolness injects looser fits in this collection, with a combination of denim, chambrays, Indian cotton and breathable materials such as linen. We find striking pieces like the Pixel Flower Camo Road Shirt, which will enhance your summer outfits. This new line also stands out for its impeccable finishes and its well-controlled cuts, specific to the brand.

Universal Works, a Human-Scale Production

Renowned for its know-how, the brand produces a large part of its collections in small English factories, and if possible not far from London to boost the local economy. In its collections mixing English classics and more modern pieces, workwear is often reinterpreted in a contemporary style and accessorized to give it a more chic look. Universal Works produces its closure jacket in a variety of ways, there is something for every taste, from hooded zipped jackets to printed jackets, belted jackets to buttonhole jackets, the choice of clothing is insane, especially since there are so many easy-to-wear pieces. We are no longer in the complexity that we could observe the designer at Maharishi. Today, he returns to the essential and favors the functional aspect. However, he can be extravagant in decorating his creations with unexpected finishes, as shown in the printed jacket.

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