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30 years kingdom, the most outstanding Stüssy collaborations


The Californian brand has left its mark on the textile industry and the streetwear world forever. Stussy, originally founded by Shawn Stussy and his partner Franck Sinitra Jr., quickly rose to the rank of giant, promoting casual fashion that symbolizes creativity in all its forms. But do you know the most significant Stüssy collaborations of the last 30 years? Launch your coffee machine and set off for a retrospective of the American brand’s iconic collaborations.


1997 – G-SHOCK, first collaboration in a long series

After Shawn.s decision to leave Stussy INC in 1996, the Sinatra family will expand the firm’s influence by opening its creativity to other brands. A year later in 1997, the Californian label decided to collaborate with the Japanese watchmaking giant, Casio. This is how the first Stussy x Casio Gshock watch came into being. This model is a limited series in a special edition featuring the firm of Shawn S and Franck S.


This watch is based on an emblematic model of the Japanese label, the DW-6900. The collaboration completely rethinks the silhouette by highlighting Stussy’s creativity. It features the SS-Link logo when the watch lights up and an engraving “Stussy GShock Limited Edition” on the back. Finally, the “Stussy Limited Edition” writing on the bracelet adds the final touch to this collaboration.


This cooperation, which is sold in very small quantities, is almost impossible to find at the moment. It is a piece that has caught the eye of GShock collectors. We also note the extension of this agreement in 2005 and 2010 with the release of very limited special editions celebrating the 25th and 30th anniversary of the American label.


2000 – Nike x Stussy, a b collaboration that has been in place for more than a decade.

The love story between the two American firms began in 2000 with the release of a very beautiful Air Huarache. This collaboration was made possible by two talented personalities; Fraser Cooke, Nike’s marketing director, and Michael Koppelman, Stussy’s emblematic figure. The concept is simple, rethink the running pair of the 2000s by offering two color variants. These sneakers were sold exclusively in Stussy’s London store.


But Shawn.S’s comma brand and label are not going to stop there. After having tackled the world of running, the Californian brand will completely rethink the Dunk SB models, an emblematic 21st century skate shoe. After releasing its Nike Dunk High in 2001, Stussy reiterated in 2005 with a collaboration that will forever mark the Nike Dunk, the “Team Manager Series Neopolitan“.


In 2005, Nike skateboard launched the concept of “Team Manager”. This one is very simple, give 5 brands the chance to revisit 5 models of shoes. That’s how Stussy decided to rethink Nike Dunk Low. Robbie Jeffers, the team leader of Stussy at the time, will be in charge of the artistic direction of basketball.


He then had an original idea. Nothing is better than ice cream in summer, right? The different layers of colours represent flavours of ice cream: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. To push the concept to the end, we notice the presence of a waffle cone on the insole and a cherry on the tongue.

This model has completely matrified the purists of the sneakers and the fans of Nike SB. Released at a price of $65, it is close to exorbitant resale prices, the ultimate proof of its success.


Finally, the Californian firm has released a magnificent Nike Airmax 95 pack symbolizing 15 years of collaboration and 20 years of Stussy. Made of nubbuck, suede, mesh these pairs are available in 3 colours: khaki, blue and black. Note the return of the SS logo on the tongue and the signature of Shwan.S on the outsole. A successful pair that makes a point of honour of this very long cooperation.


2001 – Stussy x Supreme, symbol of great friendship

Shawn Stussy and Jeff Jebia, the famous founder of the American label Supreme, have a longstanding friendship. If you’ve read our article on Stussy’s success story, you should know. In 1991, with Jeff J.’s help, Shawn opened his first store in New York. For its 30th anniversary, Stussy will decide to collaborate with a selection of brands that are sensitive to its influence and creativity. There are brands such as Bounty Hunter or NeighborhoodSupreme then searches the deepest archives for the old “Skate Tough” logo from the 80s.

This very limited edition t-shirt will be distributed exclusively in Stussy Chapter stores.


2010 – Stussy x Bape, the meeting of two giants

For its 20th anniversary, the Californian brand will cross the Pacific Ocean by collaborating with one of Japan’s most famous streetwear labels, A Bathing Ape. They cooperate and market a range of clothing and accessories. This collaboration highlights the inspiration of the desert camouflage patterns, thus drawing on the military trend of the 1990s. There are t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, trousers, accessories including bandanas and caps. The universes merge perfectly and give way to a magnificent collaboration.

Stussy hits a big blow and positions itself as the streetwear brand not to be missed.

2012 – Parra x Stussy, art in the service of streetwear

The American label will take a major step forward in contemporary art. In 2012, Stussy joins forces with the Dutch artist Parra. You probably know this world-famous artist, who has collaborated with the world’s leading brands such as Nike or Vans.


His style is characterized by bright and soft colours. His signature can be found in hand-written letters and in surrealist and eccentric worlds. He is a complete artist capable of creating sculptures, paintings and animations. Parra has become one of the most influential artists of his generation thanks to a style that is unique and recognizable by all.

Through this cooperation, the Amsterdam artist revisits 4 series of t-shirts by adding his brand and his art. The Californian brand has pushed its limits by mixing its universe with that of art, a real success.


2015 – Dover Street Market x Stussy, creativity as a philosophy

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, the American label will partner with the Japanese concept store Dover Street Market founded by the famous Rei Kawakubo. The idea is simple, to create a special installation space in 2 stores of Dover Street Market. The tour begins in New York with a first limited capsule collection consisting of a coach jacket, t-shirts, hat and woven shirt. This collection draws its inspiration from the fusion of the archives of the 2 labels. We find pieces symbolizing the innovative vision of these 2 brands.


In autumn 2015, Stüssy will expand its collaboration with London’s Dover Street Market. It shows an installation in the basement of the store. Exclusively, the public has the opportunity to buy 20 hand-sewn Stussy t-shirts and a selection of items from the Californian label with vintage trends from the 90s.


2017 – Stussy x New Balance, minimalism and sobriety

Shawn.S’s label is back on the road to conquering the sneakers. In 2017 Stussy joins forces with New Balance to offer us a magnificent 990v4 version. The American equipment manufacturer, wishing to detach itself from its running shoe label, called on the Californian firm to bring a relaxed vibe to its new 990 model.


The particularity of this pair lies in its minimalist aspect and cream colour, which gives us a sober and soft silhouette that can match any outfit. The Stussy logo is only visible on the top of the insole.

A sharp collaboration testifying to New Balance‘s know-how and the creativity of the Californian brand.


2018 – Dickies x Stussy, the legacy of the past

Stussy will meet a brand with a b know-how and heritage, Dickies. Together they will release a limited capsule collection. This line is articulated around an Eisenhower jacket, pants, a selection of graphic t-shirts and a hoodie. Both brands want to pay tribute to the art of workwear from the 1950s. This trend of workwear symbolizes the creative heart of Dickies.


It is therefore quite natural that we find jackets and trousers made of a very resistant traditional polycotton. Once again, the Californian firm signs the inside of the jacket and the patches sewn on the clothes.

The Laguna Beach brand shows us here its desire to revisit all the trends that have marked an era.


2019 – Stussy x DSM x Carhartt WIP, the savoir-faire as a meeting point

Once again Stussy is partnering with Dover Street Market and the American label Carhartt WIP. Together they design a very beautiful limited capsule collection. They revisit classic pieces from the American label Carhartt such as the classic Bib Overall or the Detroit Jacket. There are white stitched seams highlighting the work jackets of the 90s. Of course we notice the presence of the signature of the 3 brands through a patch and a Stüssy Tribe embroidery.

This collaboration will be exclusively distributed in the Dover Street Market in London and Los Angeles.


2019 – Cactus Plant Flea Market x Stussy, Independence Day celebration

To celebrate Independence Day, Stussy is working with the emerging American label Cactus Plant Flea Market. This one had already been noticed with a daring collaboration of a vapormax 2.0 mixing extravagance and innovation. Through this limited edition line, the two labels revisit the American symbol with an eccentric and unique touch.


In particular, there are t-shirts with bold signatures with a stussy logo in the colours of the “rasta” sports flag or the presence of the famous smiley of the CPFM label. To top it all off, limited vintage recycled and hand-painted t-shirts and jeans were put on sale at an exclusive pop-up store in the DSM concept store in Los Angeles.


En Bref….

Stussy has established itself as one of the largest streetwear labels in the world. The Californian label does not hesitate to go beyond its comfort zone to touch new worlds like art for example. The Laguna Beach brand attaches great importance to the know-how and heritage of the past. But what really makes it b is its great creativity and adaptability. As we have seen, Stussy is able to collaborate with sports equipment manufacturers but also with emerging brands such as CPFM.

Through its collaboration, the firm has succeeded in establishing its domination over the world of streetwear fashion forever.


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