Stussy is an American brand created in the early 80's by pro surfer Shawn in Laguna Beach, California. The story of the Californian brand began almost by chance, when the surfer attended a convention where he had a booth dedicated to the marketing of surfboards. In order to have maximum visibility, he decided to screen print his signature on t-shirts as the competitors could do at that time. The white Stussy tee was a real success, which convinced the designer to develop a ready-to-wear line. A few years later, the label became a reference in the street wear world, notably thanks to the Hip-Hop movement which widely popularized the brand throughout the world. Later, it was the turn of the urban world to adopt the brand's products, and more precisely the tribe tee, which is constantly being renewed, as demonstrated by the capsule collection stussy jamaica in which we find the unmistakable jamaica world tribe tee. Now marketed worldwide, thanks in particular to the Stüssy Tribe (the name given to the community), the brand is continuing its successful ascent. Indeed, the label has many collaborations to its credit, such as with Nike, New Balance, Bape, which shows that it is a major player in urban ready-to-wear and more generally in street culture.

The Spring / Summer 2021 Season

For this season SS21, the Los Angeles-based firm reserves for us essentials in smart cuts, solid fabrics, and beautiful patterns. As usual, the Californian label offers us its must-haves, such as t-shirts and hoodies with the famous logo on the chest. Of course, this spring/summer line is accompanied by basics like the low pro cap stock, the stock bucket hat natural  or the unavoidable Stussy basic hoodie, which benefits this season from a new style. For the most extravagant among you, you will find more atypical creations, like the psychedelic tee white, the dyed work jacket or the stussy stripe garage jacket.

A brand that rises to the rank of queen

As every season, the brand made in USA reveals all its creativity by working on the materials, the cuts with the detachment that we know him. We find the great classics surmounted by the emblematic logos of the Californian firm. As for us, we are captivated by the new colors of the low pro cap stock bob, the essential hoodie which is adorned this season with cleverly designed pale shades and the stussy old crown tee. Speaking of the crown tee, it will be unveiled this season in several colorways: crown tee white stussy, crown tee black stussy and much more. With the Stussy Old Crown tee, the label asserts its position as queen.

The World Tribe Stussy capsule

The Stussy brand has always been more than a brand in the eyes of its community, which is what motivated Shawn to create the World Tribe capsule. The capsule is a tribute to the community around the world and is available in a variety of themes. This year, the Californian label has developed a collection inspired by the Caribbean archipelago and more specifically Jamaica. This line highlights the traditional black tee tribe stussy and many other pieces more striking one than the other. The Jamaica world tribe tee is declined in different colors including the irresistible tee black stussy jamaica tee and tee yellow stussy. This range perfectly complements the main line. Just like the crown tee white stussy, the black stussy jamaica tee will ideally match the low pro cap stock bob or the stock washed bucket hat. Crown tee enthusiasts should definitely appreciate this tribute to Jamaica.

Shawn Stüssy, From Designer to Urban Fashion Icon

Shawn Stüssy is one of the few designers to have literally transformed the face of urban fashion. A true reference in his field, he has managed to make it a brand recognized and appreciated throughout the world. Since its launch, the label has constantly surpassed its creative limits by offering increasingly daring collections. In 2008, it created the Double/S label with which it occasionally offers ready-to-wear capsule collections. In 2020, it collaborated with Dior to rework its visual identity.

Stüssy, Its Impact On Street And Streetwear 

The mythical American brand has been one of the first influencers of streetwear fashion for several decades. Its longevity and creativity make it a reference in skate, surf, punk, and roughly all the movements present in the street. We wrote an article on the subject, Stüssy and his impact on street and urban fashion. She was inspired by certain codes that she used to perfection to influence all streetwear fashion. Today it is one of the reference brands in this sector.

30 Years Kingdom, The Most Outstanding Stüssy Collaborations

Originally founded by Shawn and Franck Sinitra Jr., Stüssy quickly became a reference in the fashion industry. For more than 30 years, the American house has been working in collaboration with many other brands to bring out exceptional pieces. One example is the successful collaboration with Nike to redesign the Nike Dunk Low. Read more about our article on Stüssy collaborations. There was also the partnership with the Japanese giant Bape, which demonstrates that it is an inevitable brand in its segment.

This year again, the American label offered us a collection with the brand's participation in the swoosh. It was an opportunity for the protagonists to revisit certain classics, such as the stock washed bucket hat and the natural stussy tee.

Stüssy, Beyond The Brand

The Californian house is a mastodon of fashion and likes to recall its love for art in general from which it draws inspiration on a daily basis. The brand has therefore been able to assert itself thanks to a strong creative identity and a community from the four corners of the world. Its influence is such that today Stüssy is much more than just a brand. The brand, which originated in the United States, has built a real empire and unites its followers around strong values. It can count on the Stüssy crew.

The crew is the true flag bearer of the US label and is one of the most influential in world street culture. Fans wear each piece as an emblem and convey the brand's values across the globe. The Tribe collections were born from this strong craze. In love with cultures, the Californian brand does not hesitate to highlight its favorites by developing capsule collections. This year, it has developed the Stussy Jamaica collection, which, as its name suggests, pays homage to this island located in the Caribbean archipelago.

This collection is composed of several pieces, each more striking than the next. The Jamaica World Tribe tee is a perfect example. It is surmounted by silkscreens on which figures references related to Jamaica. Declined in two colors, you can find on our site the black tee tribe tee Stussy, as well as the white tee Stussy.

How does fit Stüssy?

For almost 40 years, Stussy has been delighting us with pieces that are as inspired as they are timeless. Its impact on streetwear culture is such that the brand has become a reference in the sector. Rather wise since its creation, the label has recently been trying to be more creative by playing with original patterns and unusual textures. The pieces are thus more complex, maybe less easy to wear at times. To be sure to make the right choice, we propose you our guide how does fit Stüssy which will allow you to have a better apprehension of Stussy clothes.

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