Stussy is an American brand created in the early 80s by pro surfer Shawn Stussy in Laguna Beach, California. It all begins when Shawn decides to print his signature, that he wrote on his surfboards with a wide marker, on t-shirts and boards that he sells in the back of his car. Since then, Stussy has become a brand of streetwear in the broad sense, widely popularized by the Hip-Hop and streetwear movement which has appropriated its graphic t-shirts. But Shawn says in an interview in 1992: "Everyone calls it surfwear, or street streetwear, or surf street ... I do not name it, and I do it on purpose".Quickly popularized and distributed worldwide thanks to the Stussy Tribe, it is considered a little like the "Mom" of the current streetwear brands, it continues to develop 30 years after its creation. Thanks to many successful collaborations, such as with Nike, New Balance, Bape, Shawn's label has increased its notoriety to the point of being a reference in the street culture.

For this SS20 season, Stüssy has reserved for us overly retro designs and detailed pieces with colourful accents. As usual, the Californian label offers us its classics, such as colourful t-shirts and hoodies with the famous logo on the torso. Little by little, the Made in USA brand is asserting its colourful brand name, working on materials that stand out from its great classics with the emblematic logos of the Californian firm.

Stüssy, Its Impact On Street And Streetwear 

The mythical American brand has been one of the leading influencers of streetwear fashion for several decades. Stüssy's longevity and creativity makes it a reference in skateboard, surf, punk, and roughly all the movements present in the street. She has been inspired by certain codes that she has used to perfection to influence all streetwear fashion. Today, it is one of the leading brands in this sector. Don't forgot to read our article About Stussy and its impact on street and Streetwear.


30 Years Kingdom, The Most Outstanding Stüssy Collaborations

Originally founded by Shawn Stussy and Franck Sinitra Jr., Stüssy quickly became a reference in the fashion industry. For more than 30 years, the American company has been working in collaboration with many other brands to produce exceptional pieces. We did an article about all Stussy Collaboration : The Most Outsanding Stüssy Collaborations. One example is the collaboration with Nike to rethink the Nike Dunk Low, which was a great success. There was also the collaboration with the Japanese giant Bape, raising Stüssy to the rank of the streetwear brand not to be missed.


Stüssy, Beyond The Brand

Stüssy is a fashion mastodon, but it is important to know that Shawn Stussy, the brand's creator, originally created his own t-shirts and surfboards with his own signature. The brand has established itself as a brand with a strong creative identity, and the international Stüssy Tribe is the perfect reflection of this. Check out our article Stüssy, Beyond The Brand. It supports art and artistic creations in all forms. This crew will simply be the brand's flag bearer, it will be one of the most influential in the entire world street culture carrying Stüssy as an emblem of fashion.

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