“The Nordic Legacy”


As in decoration, the Scandinavian style is a subtle mixture adjusted to the millimeter. A sort of kit assembly that combines American cool, Japanese precision, and Nordic functional minimalism. But no generalization, each brand of the peninsula has its own touch. Here we will try to decipher the assembly instructions of the influential Our Legacy, which makes its comeback in our spring-summer 2023 selection.

At Our Legacy, there is an explosive fusion of Italian high fashion, a 90’s memory, and the influence of Japanese sportswear. This alliance is presented through a sharp artistic direction, with the intervention of renowned photographers such as Viviane Sassen and Thomas Hauser. Rather than considering itself a trendy brand, Our Legacy focuses on the anti-fashion and on the quality of the product. Embodying the essence of Nordic cool, the label has earned the title of a must-have in ready-to-wear. It has made a name for itself by dressing influential rappers such as Kanye West, Frank Ocean and A$AP Rocky.

Made in Italy and Portugal, Our Legacy clothing is a true masterpiece. It all starts with a material developed in-house, and the search for particular shades that will shake up the standards. The brand brings its modern and innovative spirit to timelessness by using volumes and materials with the precision and rigor of engineers. It excels in casual soft tailoring as well as in conceptual no gender and oversized. By applying conventional elements to unconventional pieces, or vice versa, the designers play on the symbolism of stereotypes. A creative process that qualifies their lines as “hybrid clothing”. In two words, Our Legacy offers a sober yet bold and unforgettable wardrobe that is sure to turn heads.


In 2004, Jockum Hallin and Cristopher Nying set out to find the perfect white tee. A search that paradoxically ended in 2005 with a line of graphic tees. Designed in Italy and inspired by the band merch culture, this first collection was distributed in several famous stores in Scandinavia. After that, the brand snowballed. The duo took a first step by meeting Richardos Klarén, a former ACNE employee who became the CEO of Our Legacy. The result was their first serious collection with a preppy and minimalist aesthetic. After a few seasons, the founding trio realized they had too much ambition to be put in a box. The spring/summer 2012 collection will steer the brand towards an unclassifiable style that has become their signature. Why be one thing when you can be a melting pot of coolness?

From then on, nothing could stop them. The brand is established in Europe with the opening of stores in London and Berlin. In 2014, it found its place at Paris Fashion Week, which marked an important step in its growth. Our Legacy expands its offer by proposing interior design items, and crosses the Atlantic Ocean by opening a store in Los Angeles. While continuing to collaborate with brands such as Stüssy, Vans and New Balance, it now has two stores in Stockholm, one each in London and Berlin, and three in Seoul. The brand continues to conquer the west in the US, with a growing presence in the world’s hottest concept stores, nearly 250 outlets.

Today, the label continues its sustainability efforts by using recycled materials reducing its carbon footprint and once again improving its use of high quality materials and attention to detail. An ambition they are realizing with the avant-garde “Work Shop” project, a workshop/store/space dedicated to recycling and upcycling old clothes, with the aim of mitigating fashion waste.

The WORK SHOP Project

For this project, the trio focused on the importance of products and processes by creating a unique space in Stockholm called “Work Shop.” Combining a craft workshop and a retail store, Our Legacy presents its collections here in an alternative way, where samples are displayed alongside the original vintage pieces that inspired the brand’s iconic designs. The brand plays the transparency card by holding regular theme weeks to pay tribute to the designers who inspired past and future collections. The space is also a place for recycling and upcycling, where the brand’s old lines are given new life through deconstruction and reconstruction processes. Clothes are transformed into unique pieces with hand-painted details, patchwork and embroidery. The Work Shop is thus a place where creativity is celebrated, while contributing to a more responsible and sustainable practice of fashion.

Our selection OUR LEGACY

Our Legacy fans have something to look forward to with this decidedly cool and effortless new collection. In our selection we find a reinterpretation of the puffer jacket in a light poplin. A summer down jacket, we had to think about it. We also selected a poncho in technical Italian fabric and a chino in fine-grained Portuguese wool fabric, offering daring summer outfits while maintaining an assumed sobriety. Clean cuts and technical details guarantee exceptional comfort and quality. With this collection, Our Legacy continues to prove that fashion can be both cool and responsible.