Our Legacy is a Swedish fashion brand founded in 2005 by Jockum Hallin and Cristopher Nying. The brand has become famous for its minimalist and clean aesthetic, which is characterized by precise cuts and high quality materials. Our Legacy is inspired by the fashion trends of the 90s and strives to offer classic pieces with a contemporary twist.

What is the history of OUR LEGACY?

The story of Our Legacy began in 2005 when Jockum Hallin and Cristopher Nying set out to create their own fashion brand. The two friends were already involved in the fashion industry as stylists and content creators for various brands. They decided to create their own brand to express their personal vision of fashion.

The name "Our Legacy" reflects the brand's desire to create clothes that have deep meaning and endure beyond the ephemeral fashion. The designers of Our Legacy sought to create collections that have a story and a soul, rather than disposable products.

The first Our Legacy collections were presented at Stockholm Fashion Week in 2006. The designs were inspired by the fashion trends of the 90s, with precise cuts and high quality materials. Our Legacy's designers quickly caught the attention of buyers and fashion journalists, who were seduced by the brand's minimalist and clean aesthetic.

Over the years, Our Legacy has continued to evolve and develop its fashion vision. The brand has focused on using natural and sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and linen, to create comfortable and durable pieces. Our Legacy also partners with local artisans to create unique and exclusive pieces.

In addition to its ready-to-wear collections, Our Legacy has also launched footwear and accessories collections to complement its global fashion vision. The brand has also opened stores around the world, including Stockholm, Paris, New York and Los Angeles, to allow customers to experience the collections in person.

Today, Our Legacy is recognized as one of the most respected and influential manufacturers in the Swedish fashion industry. The brand continues to create clothes that have deep meaning and endure beyond the fashion ephemera, drawing inspiration from the fashion trends of the 90s and offering a minimalist, clean aesthetic.

A few stories about the our legacy brand 

  • When Jockum Hallin and Cristopher Nying created Our Legacy in 2005, they decided not to use advertising to promote the brand. Instead, they focused on the quality of their products and on creating interesting content for their website. This strategy eventually paid off, as the brand quickly caught the attention of buyers and fashion journalists.
  • Our Legacy won the "Fashion Innovation of the Year" award at the Swedish Fashion Awards in 2009. This award recognizes brands that are innovative in their industry and stand out for their creativity.
  • In 2010, the brand launched a clothing collection in collaboration with the famous Swedish designer Acne. This collaboration was very well received by critics and consumers, and it helped strengthen Our Legacy's reputation as an innovative and creative brand.
  • In 2013, Our Legacy opened its first store in Stockholm. The store was designed to look like an apartment, with rooms decorated to reflect the brand's minimalist aesthetic. The store has become a go-to place for fashion lovers in Stockholm.
  • In 2015, Our Legacy launched a capsule collection in collaboration with renowned Swedish photographer Anders Edström. The collection was inspired by Edström's photographs and was very well received by fashion critics. The collaboration also helped to reinforce Our Legacy's reputation as a creative and innovative brand.

From shirts to coats, our products available in store 

The Box Shirt Short Sleeve from our legacy

The Box Shirt Short Sleeve is a flagship product of Our Legacy. This shirt is made from high quality organic cotton, which makes it very soft and breathable. It is cut for a comfortable and modern fit, with short sleeves.

The clean, minimalist design of the Box Shirt Short Sleeve is a hallmark of the Our Legacy brand. It features subtle details like shoulder snaps and reinforced seams for durability.

The Box Shirt Short Sleeve is a versatile piece that can be worn with almost any style. It can be worn alone for a casual look or topped with a jacket for a dressier outfit. It's also perfect for casual occasions, like going out with friends or summer barbecues.

The Evening Coach Jacket from our legacy

The Evening Coach Jacket is a must-have piece from Our Legacy. This premium leather jacket is designed to be both stylish and casual. It features a cotton lining and a two-way zipper for a perfect fit.

What makes this jacket so special is its meticulous finish. The seams are reinforced to ensure a long life, and the cuffs and bottom of the jacket are elasticated for a better fit. The leather is soft to the touch and patinas beautifully over time, giving it an aged, authentic look.

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