Stan Ray the fatigue pants made in usa.


Stan ray is an icon. If a savvy person talks about workwear and fatigue pants we have a two out of three chance that the label will pop in the discussion. Among the multitude of workshops and craftsmen of American vintage menswear unearthed over the past twenty years, the Ray house is often cited as a serious, passionate and exciting company. Like other illustrious clothing brands, the queen of “fatigue” pants with a vintage look.


We propose you a small return on their history and their indefectible link with iconic clothes of the men’s wardrobe, the fatigue pants and denim first.


The OG – 107, the king of fatigue pants.

Before dealing with Stan Ray and the new collection on our shop, it’s good to come back on a pant they are specialists in. An iconic piece, the fatigue pants for men. The latter is an emblematic pants of the US Army, the seminal model is created in 1952 and is part of the new military uniform then, the famous OG-107.


Born on the ashes of the old tactical uniform Herringbone Twill, the OG-107 (for Olive Green 107) will become inseparable from Vietnam, it will be put in the closet until the early 80s. In an 8.5oz satin cotton, the fatigue is a military pant exemplary of design in the service of functionality. Four patch pockets and a few belt loops, the famous olive color, and here is the recipe for purity and simplicity. A winning choice and a timeless style.

taper fatigue pant olive

Stan Ray fatigue pants shine on fashion.

Intended to be worn during maintenance operations, US Army GIs began wearing them on the front lines, their 8.5oz cotton and loose fit give the piece a welcome breathability in the muggy heat of Vietnam. The pants were comfortable and began to be worn casually during soldiers’ leave as well.


During these thirty years of life, the pants will become an icon of military workwear, but will also go far beyond this context. Indeed, in addition to the M-65 jacket (worn in movies by Rambo), it will be taken up by the anti-Vietnam war activists. Many illustrious cultural and political figures of the time displayed fatigue as a symbol of rebellion. From the protests for peace on Washington to the English punk via Jamaica and the cinema, the OG-107 imposes itself on its time.

stanray taper fatigue pant khaki twill 100% cotton

The beginnings of the label and the fatigue pants.

Earl’s Apparel was founded in 1972 by Earl Beard. He was already an avid believer in all-American clothing, and the small company decided to specialize in replicating loose fit fatigue pants as well as other typical workwear pieces, such as denim. In their factory in Crockett, Texas, they developed work pants for the rest of the United States, and remained mostly confidential for several decades.


Then, with success, the Beard family developed two sub-labels. Gung Ho is intended for the Asian market, and finally the one that interests us, named after Earl’s youngest son, Stanley Ray Beard, Stan Ray.

stan ray ss21 taper fatigue pant natural drill

Earl doesn’t make sweatshirts.

Actually, Earl does make sweatshirts, but it would have been a shame to miss this joke. What interests us here is the relationship between the heir of the OG-107 and the brand. As we have seen, the label has developed well over time, and has become a major player in American vintage workwear.


Three versions of the pants are offered. The 1100s which is the classic of the classics, straight and loose vintage cut, high waist. The 1200s, a piece created in the 80’s, slightly lower waist, and tighter fit. And finally the 1300s, low waist above the hips with a slim fit for a typical “Stan Ray loose” result.

stan ray 80s painter pant natural drill

Stan Ray OG Painter Pant.

Another great classic of our pants wardrobe, the timeless Stan Ray painter pant. Fitted version of the painter’s pants of the fifties. The Stan Ray painter pant is very comfortable, on a slightly lower waist and a more tapered fit than the classic straight cut of vintage clothing.


Unbreakable, adaptable, and on a quality-price ratio for a garment made in the United States that defies all competition. Note the stan ray painter shorts perfect for summer. The label is also famous for its “Stan Ray cpo”, typically workwear denim overshirts.

New collection, for a vintage spring summer.

Why change a winning team? Especially if we position ourselves on timeless and vintage ready-to-wear like the stan ray og painter or the fatigue pants. It is even a necessity to respect this basic wardrobe full of history. But fashion, style and our wardrobes evolve, and the label manages to never seem anachronistic, despite the choice of clothes available.


So as we saw on the loose fit fatigue pant, the pants are available in three versions: a loose, a tapered and a slim. Subtle changes on emblematic pieces of the American workwear wardrobe. The timeless cpo shirt olive and stan ray painter pant are also renewed with the usual quality of the Texas house, which like Orslow and black flag, the olive color of vintage military pants at the top!