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Moncler acquires Stone Island


More than 1 billion euros! This is the sum invested by the Moncler group to acquire the label with the compass rose. With this amount, the world-renowned group has just sealed a buy-back agreement that will be carried out in three stages.

The Company intends to initially acquire the shares of Carlo Rivetti who owns 50% of Stone Island. In a second step, the company will obtain an additional 19.9% with the purchase of shares held by the close circle of the Italian brand.

Finally, Moncler will officially become the owner only after the purchase of the remaining 30% held by the Singapore Temasek public fund. No more talking about figures, let’s now take a look at the future of this brand that we are so excited about.

This value is due to the success that Stoney is experiencing, but it didn’t happen overnight. The brand has gone through several events that have become The Keys To The Success Of The Stone Island Brand.

Moncler and Stone Island, a takeover full of surprises

This is an announcement that has had the effect of a bomb in the textile industry and more specifically in the techwear sector. It has certainly not escaped you, Stone Island is now owned by the Italian group Moncler. Long considered as rivals, the brands have finally seen their destiny linked since a purchase agreement was officially announced by both entities. The objective for them will be to merge their respective skills to bring a new vision of luxury ready-to-wear.

Unexpectedly, this decision had the gift of throwing the disorder and still raises some questions among the adapters of the Italian label. What will become of the compass rose?

But to find out how this Italian label attracted the attention of the giant Moncler, read our article Where does Stone Island come from, the history and development of this mythical casual brand.

What is the future for Stone Island under the Moncler pavilion?

Both entities were reassuring about Stone’s future. This change of ownership will not specifically impact Stone’s conceptual identity. Indeed, the Moncler group will take on the role of “patron” and will accompany the brand in its development. With a very ambitious vision, it has set itself several objectives and intends to accompany the Italian brand in its quest for its full potential, taking care to leave it absolutely independent.

Rest assured, the culture of research and experimentation will always be there. Thus, the two groups aim to develop a new vision of luxury that will meet the expectations of the new generation more seasoned with the codes of streetwear.

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