Histoire de la collection Stone Island Shadow Project

To talk about techwear without mentioning Stone Island brand is inconceivable today. For several years now, the compass rose has not ceased to revolutionize the history of technical clothing. Its ability to renew itself and to offer ever more efficient products has allowed it to cross the ages and become a true monument, not only in the techwear sector, but also in popular culture. Discover through our article The Keys To The Success Of The Stone Island Brand, the key moments in the life of the label. The Stone Island Shadow Project collection alone embodies this philosophy advocated by the Italian company. Let's take a look at the collection that has literally made the brand a legend.

The striking Shadow Project Stone Island collection

The Stone Island Shadow Project range is the brand's laboratory. Placed at the heart of the design process, this range is, as is often the case, the main source of the Italian brand's innovations. If it appears today as a collection in its own right, it is important to know that originally the Shadow Project was not supposed to be so popular. As its name suggests, this project was meant to remain in the shadow of the other collections. Although this range is a little more underground, in our article How Does Stone Island Cap Fit ? we present you all the specifics of this accessory as timeless as useful.

For the record, it was while discovering Arc'teryx products that Carlo Rivetti (current CEO of the company) realized that Stone sets had to go beyond performance. From that very moment on, the brand experienced a new stylistic momentum, which materialized in the creation of the Shadow Project program. No more standardized conceptual precepts, performance had to be reconciled with style. Shadow Project puts forward jackets as well as sweaters very worked, that's why thanks to our article How does Stone island sweatshirt fit ?, we invite you to look more into this garment and understand its sizing.

It must be said that the success of this range is no coincidence. From the outset, the brand has placed a lot of faith in this project by removing all budgetary restrictions. Carlo Rivetti called upon the talented Errolson Hugh, also known as the creator of the ACRONYM label. Errolson Hugh and his teams were tasked with creating the technologies of tomorrow. For example, Shadow Project is at the birth of the DUST COLOR treatment, which is a three-dimensional effect (3M), and of clothing made of knitwear.

Shadow Project SS20 collection

The SS20 Shadow Project collection has received rave reviews in the media. Many consider it to be the most successful collection since the creation of the label. Always driven by the desire to offer the best, the creative teams, driven by the quest for the best, have once again responded by pushing the conceptual limits even further. But the SS20 season is not the only one that has been able to raise many debates, so in our article Stone Island FW19 between Innovation and Heritage we return to one of the most iconic collection of the Italian brand.

This collection stands out from the previous ones and highlights an unsuspected know-how. Indeed, each piece is striking and fascinates with a design combining technicality and avant-garde design. To go into a little more detail, this project is accompanied by a series of very specific fabrics and treatments. Thus, we can find the unavoidable parts dyed in the mass with the treatment, parts in COMPACT nylon and METAL nylon. Among the pieces that stand out are wool hoodies, sweatshirts with crumpled nylon inserts, and even a cargo ship combining nylon and mesh.

As you will notice, the Stone Island Shadow Project range literally stands out from the other products offered by the Italian brand. This collection with its avant-garde philosophy is endowed with a unique identity. Indeed, Shadow Project combines techwear (the brand's DNA) with the world of urban ready-to-wear. An audacious combination that gives Stone Island clothing a new perspective.

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