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Stone Island collaborations : Supreme x Stone Island

The success of the brand Stone Island is no longer to describe! Omnipresent, the compass rose does not cease to create craze and is now an essential brand in the urban fashion segment. And it is not by chance that it has taken off so well, find the major moments of the brand through our article The keys to the success of the Stone Island brand. Particularly appreciated by the Paninari in the 80s, the brand has always been very popular with young urbanites. The strategy pursued since the 2000s has enabled it to reach fashion lovers all over the world.

It's precisely in 2014, that Stone Island begins to make a real name for itself in the urban fashion segment. At that time, it had a string of successful collaborations with the giants Supreme and NikeLab.

These partnerships have not escaped the eyes of American superstars Drake and Travis Scott, who have played an ambassadorial role and have developed the compass rose's notoriety around the world. These partnerships have literally changed the image of the Italian house on American soil. Much to Carlo Rivetti's chagrin, the Stone Island collaborations have redefined the positioning and many consider it to be a streetwear brand. 

Supreme Stone Island, a gagnante collaboration !

The collaboration Supreme Stone Island has become one of the most emblematic associations of the last decade. It is in 2014 that this partnership takes shape and materializes at this time by the marketing of a capsule collection of 5 pieces declined in different colors. Based on the success of this first collaboration, the consortium decided to develop one collection per year between 2014 and 2017, then a new one in 2019. So how can we explain the success Supreme x Stone Island ? On closer inspection, the products resulting from this partnership stand out from the classic ranges. By the same token, if you want to learn more about how to size a Stone Island cap, our article will teach you a lot about the particularities of this accessory. Indeed, the Italian brand focuses mainly on the performance of its products and less on style. This collaboration has therefore offered a new perspective to Stone Island clothing, reconciling style and technicality.

NikeLab Stone Island for more performance

Other collaborations have contributed to the success of Stone Island on American soil and the one that immediately comes to mind is the one with the American giant NIKE. Centred around the Windrunner (the brand's emblematic swoosh piece), the Nike x Stone Island collaboration highlights the DNA of both brands. Less lifestyle-oriented than the collaboration with Supreme, the Stone Island x NikeLab consortium focuses essentially on sportswear with a focus on performance. The collection will also be accompanied by t-shirts, which is also the subject of our article How does Stone Island t-shirt fit? and which gives you an overview of the sizing of this wardrobe essential. Thus, the Windrunner jacket is made of a new fabric, made from a cotton muslin covered with a polyurethane film for high weather resistance. The jacket comes with a resin lining for a better waterproofness. You will have thus understood it, the parts resulting from this collaboration are true jewels which call by a very high quality of design.

As you will have understood, Stone Island relies on key players to accentuate its development throughout the world. A winning strategy, which not only allows it to be recognized by all and to federate a community with diverse interests. It has broadened its field of action by targeting an increasingly young, ultra-connected public with a definite attraction for fashion.

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