Converse x comme des garÇons

The Converse brand and Japanese label Comme des Garçons Play have come together to offer a new interpretation of the iconic Chuck Taylor. The sneakers are embellished with several custom CDG Play signature patches designed by New York artist Filip Pagowski. But they keep the classic rubber sole of the 70s. Converse declines us this iconic model in 2 versions: a low and high.

This iconic silhouette combines sobriety, minimalist style and technicality with a contrasting black or white line depending on the color of the model for men or women. Finally, for lovers of these 2 iconic brands, note also that you can find other declinations of the shoes. Starting with the polka dot model, which is characterized by its polka dot finish. You can also count on the new models of shoes that feature the famous logo of the Japanese label in the form of a frieze affixed above the sole on the side of the pair.

The success story of the Converse Chuck Taylor 70s x Comme des Garçons collaborations needs no further telling. Always at the heart of trends, the FW21 footwear range consists of the traditional Chuck Taylor canvas sneaker declined in High and Low versions. This summer collection, for men and women, has no less than a dozen colors. And each pair of shoes will perfectly match your seasonal wardrobe.

Ideal for spring or any other season, the sneakers will prove to be simple to match and fun to wear. In addition to being fashionable, the Converse Chuck 70 is known for its comfort thanks to its particularly flexible and sturdy sole.

The Converse Comme des Garçons Play line

A true success, the collection that brings together Converse and CDG never ceases to surprise season after season. Accustomed to collaborations, the brands decided to unite their respective skills and develop several pairs of shoes for men and women. Thus, we find the inevitable Converse CDG High in black or the polka dot model, known as polka dot.

In 2020, the protagonists decide to continue the beautiful story with the marketing of Heart Print Pack. Consisting of variants High and Low. The latter are adorned with a new canvas exclusively developed for the sign dover street market (the shop of like boys) and which takes the design of the artist Filip Pagowski. 

How to choose your Converse Comme des Garçons Chuck Taylor 70 sneakers? 

The Comme des Garçons Play Converse sneaker collection, for men and women, includes two variations. Thus, this collection is based on two silhouettes, namely the High and Low. Regardless of the color or line, we advise you to choose at least half a size below your usual size. The (Japanese) size in centimeters is often the one you should trust. Indeed, this will allow you to avoid a possible mistake in sizing. Of course, your choice should also be made according to the type of socks you usually wear with your sneakers. In short, the general information to remember is that Converse Chuck 70s sneakers are shoes that fit big. 

The Converse And Comme Des Garçons Collaboration

It's been more than a decade now that Converse has been collaborating with Japanese label Comme Des Garçons, but it's been since 2015 that the two brands have come together around the Chuck Taylor 70s sneakers adorned with the famous red heart. On the first pairs of shoes, we saw the CDG logo only partially, as if the little red heart was looking at us over a low wall.

These sneakers, available in black and white, high or low, have become the classics of this collaboration renewed every year. Seasonal models have been added to the collections to bring a touch of novelty each year, such as polka dot, grey, blue, or even those with several small "red hearts" were born. A way for Converse and CDG to inscribe their partnership in time, creating the event of the fashion world at each edition.

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