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The original line in the Ralph Lauren family, Polo Ralph Lauren is all about quintessential American style. Inspired by the chic style of the WASP and the "American Dream", it was in that same year that he opened his first shop to sell ties, including those of his own brand named "Polo". From relaxed cable-knits to peerless polo shirts, every piece is indispensable. Founded in 1967,  the brand represents the Easy-going wardrobe with a preppy style.

For the SS.21 collection, the horse brand honors its past. We find several strong and striking pieces sporting the Teddy Bear, which does not forget to remind us the old collections. This season remains faithful to the identity of the brand's historic range and the Anglo-Saxon inspiration from creator. 

Ralph Lauren: From the Bronx to the Olympics

We will remember a Ralph Lauren man and a tie collection that, through hard work and perseverance, will become one of the most iconic brands in the men's locker room. How a man's passion led him to become a self made man without making any concessions. Our Ralph Lauren Article: From the bronx to the Olympic Games reveals the story of a designer who has made his mark on the history of fashion.

Polo Ralph Lauren Winter Stadium collection

It was in winter 2018 that Ralph Lauren relaunched his famous Winter Stadium collection! A capsule available in very limited quantities containing their historical collection from spring 1992. At that time, Ralph Lauren had revolutionized the world of men's sportswear by launching his Polo Sport range. Find all the information about the winter capsule in our article on the Polo Ralph Lauren Winter Stadium Collection.

Ralph Lauren Regatta Polo Shirt CP 93: Between Bourgeoisie And Gang!

In the 90s, a time when New York gangs were competing against each other on turntables or dancefloors, the look had a place in the spotlight! You had to be stylish to dare to claim respect. The demand for a lifestyle that pretended to be opulent was in order. What better way to do this than to bear a mark addressed to the American bourgeoisie? Read our article on the Polo Ralph Lauren Regatta CP 93 collection to learn more about lolife and their contribution to the contemporary fashion world.

Denim & Silver Sport Polo: Ralph Lauren's Renewal

Ralph Lauren spoils us once again with the Denim & Silver Polo Sport capsule. This collection is inspired by the iconic Polo Sport products of the 1990s. A mix of re-releases of period pieces and new items featuring the brand's iconic motifs. Find our article Polo Sport Denim & Silver: Ralph Lauren's renewal. Once again Polo Ralph Lauren has integrated his story in the most beautiful way.

Polo Ralph Lauren presents the Indigo Stadium collection

For some time now we have had the opportunity to offer you the Stadium collections. In line with the series, the Indigo Stadium capsule is inspired by the iconic models of the 1992 Summer Olympic Games. In this sharp selection of revisited pieces, the American brand was able to highlight an ancestral dye: indigo. For more details on the collection and its manufacture, find our article Polo Ralph Lauren presents the Indigo Stadium collection.

Masterpieces from the Ralph Lauren Car Collection.

You may know this, but Ralph Lauren isn't just a great fashion designer. He is often known and recognized for his impressive car collection. Extremely rare, vintage, and for some impressive models! Find out more about this on our article "Masterpieces of the Ralph Lauren Car Collection." We trace the vehicles that make up his garage, as well as the various exhibitions that have had around the world, including the exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.

Ralph Lauren, restaurants and bars.

And yes, Ralph Lauren is investing in gastronomy! With our article you will know more about the cafes, pubs, and restaurants that make up the RL nebula. Read "Ralph Lauren, restaurants and bars" to know where to go, Paris, Chicago or London? Take your pick!

Ralph Lauren Philantrope, a committed fashion designer.

The RL company has long been distinguished by its philanthropy, donations and other partnerships. On our article "Ralph Lauren Philantrope, a committed fashion designer", we trace the label's recent commitments to the fight against covid. But also for cancer research, deforestation and illiteracy.

Ralph Lauren and the book.

The label's founder has always been inspired by literature, and he himself has inspired film. On our article "Ralph Lauren and the Book," we trace RL's literary influences, then look at the biographies and autobiographies that have been written, and finally highlight the collaborations between the firm and film.

Ralph Lauren and Sport

The label draws its style and inspirations from Ivy League preppy and Americana. So the connections to sports are obvious. With our article "Ralph Lauren and Sport" you will learn more about its inspirations, as well as the collaborations and partnerships between the brand and tennis, or more surprising the video game!

Sizing guide: How to size Ralph Lauren ?

You want to invest in Polo Ralph Lauren pieces but you're still hesitating on what size to take. Through our article "Sizing Guide: How to Size Ralph Lauren", we discuss various iconic pieces of the brand from polo shirts to shirts and sneakers to pants. In addition, if you want to know more, articles on the cuts and sizes of its pieces are already available. You will find effective advice to take your measurements and thus allow you to buy the pieces of your choice.

Size guide: How do Ralph Lauren sneakers fit ?

Although Ralph Lauren specializes in clothing, they are now present in the sneaker market. 23 different pairs are offered by the Polo Ralph Lauren brands, the diversity of their silhouettes, shapes and materials will undoubtedly make you happy when you look for your new pair. Through our article "Size guide: How do Ralph Lauren sneakers fit?" the RL sneakers will no longer have any secrets for you. Therefore, whether you are a man, a woman or a child, no doubt you will find a shoe to fit your feet!

Size guide: How do Ralph Lauren shirts fit ?

Ralph Lauren, pioneer of American fashion is now a brand recognized worldwide. With our dedicated article "Size guide: How do Ralph Lauren shirts fit?", we will explain step by step the cuts proposed by Polo Ralph Lauren from slim fit to classic fit. We will also introduce the types of shirts offered by the brand and finally a small guide to take your measurements by hand! You can choose the shirt of your dreams, without worrying about the size, the cut and other particularities.

Size Guide: How do Ralph Lauren polo shirts fit ?

1972, the year of creation of the most iconic piece of the brand with the little horse. Although this piece may seem simple to choose, its many cuts, color variations and sizes can be a real headache. In the article "Size Guide: How do Ralph Lauren polo shirts fit?" we take a look at the specifics of Ralph Lauren polo shirts. Just like shirts and other iconic pieces Ralph Lauren has 3 different types of cuts ranging from Slim to Custom. The different Ralph Lauren brands also showcase their different polo shirts so with our article, find out how to better understand and own this timeless piece.

Size Guide: How do Ralph Lauren pants fit ?

Ralph Lauren launched his first ready-to-wear collection in 1968. Among the must-have pieces of a clothing brand, pants are in a good position. Although jeans have a prominent place in the brand, they have a wide range of pants from the more raw jeans to the more dressy chino. In our article "Size Guide: How do Ralph Lauren pants fit?" we trace the history of this essential piece. You will be able to find the most suitable cut and the one that will make you look best according to your body type. Note also that you should pay particular attention to the maintenance of a pair of pants to avoid deforming or damaging them.

Ralph Lauren or Lacoste Polo

Have you ever wanted to buy a quality polo shirt? Today, the polo market is subject to a tough competition and many brands offer this piece in their collections. But are they all well made? In our article "Polo Ralph Lauren or Lacoste", we tackle the two monuments in the field of polo manufacturing. You will learn more about the differences between these two brands, but also the method of manufacturing this resolutely chic piece.

The counterfeit of Ralph Lauren clothing

Today, Ralph Lauren is a famous American brand that is known all over the world. With the emergence of platforms for buying and reselling clothes, more and more fake pieces are appearing on the market. In our article "Counterfeit Ralph Lauren Clothing", we address the subject in order to help you detect the real from the fake. By giving you some pointers and food for thought, you'll be able to identify your pieces and know if they are real or fake.

How to recognize a real Ralph Lauren sweater ?

Although polo shirts, shirts and caps are the most copied pieces of the brand with the little horse, sweaters are also highly modified pieces. Through our article "How to Recognize a Real Ralph Lauren Sweater", we address all the specificities of this piece. From the label to the seams, Ralph Lauren sweaters will no longer hold any secrets for you. If you want to buy a Ralph Lauren sweater you will have all the weapons in hand not to be tricked by a malicious seller.

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