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The original line in the Ralph Lauren family, Polo Ralph Lauren is all about quintessential American style. Inspired by the chic style of the WASP and the "American Dream", it was in that same year that he opened his first shop to sell ties, including those of his own brand named "Polo". From relaxed cable-knits to peerless polo shirts, every piece is indispensable. Founded in 1967,  the brand represents the Easy-going wardrobe with a preppy style.

For the SS.21 collection, the horse brand honors its past. We find several strong and striking pieces sporting the Teddy Bear, which does not forget to remind us the old collections. This season remains faithful to the identity of the brand's historic range and the Anglo-Saxon inspiration from creator. 

Ralph Lauren: From the Bronx to the Olympics

We will remember a Ralph Lauren man and a tie collection that, through hard work and perseverance, will become one of the most iconic brands in the men's locker room. How a man's passion led him to become a self made man without making any concessions. Our Ralph Lauren Article: From the bronx to the Olympic Games reveals the story of a designer who has made his mark on the history of fashion.

Polo Ralph Lauren Winter Stadium collection

It was in winter 2018 that Ralph Lauren relaunched his famous Winter Stadium collection! A capsule available in very limited quantities containing their historical collection from spring 1992. At that time, Ralph Lauren had revolutionized the world of men's sportswear by launching his Polo Sport range. Find all the information about the winter capsule in our article on the Polo Ralph Lauren Winter Stadium Collection.

Ralph Lauren Regatta Polo Shirt CP 93: Between Bourgeoisie And Gang!

In the 90s, a time when New York gangs were competing against each other on turntables or dancefloors, the look had a place in the spotlight! You had to be stylish to dare to claim respect. The demand for a lifestyle that pretended to be opulent was in order. What better way to do this than to bear a mark addressed to the American bourgeoisie? Read our article on the Polo Ralph Lauren Regatta CP 93 collection to learn more about lolife and their contribution to the contemporary fashion world.

Denim & Silver Sport Polo: Ralph Lauren's Renewal

Ralph Lauren spoils us once again with the Denim & Silver Polo Sport capsule. This collection is inspired by the iconic Polo Sport products of the 1990s. A mix of re-releases of period pieces and new items featuring the brand's iconic motifs. Find our article Polo Sport Denim & Silver: Ralph Lauren's renewal. Once again Polo Ralph Lauren has integrated his story in the most beautiful way.

Polo Ralph Lauren presents the Indigo Stadium collection

For some time now we have had the opportunity to offer you the Stadium collections. In line with the series, the Indigo Stadium capsule is inspired by the iconic models of the 1992 Summer Olympic Games. In this sharp selection of revisited pieces, the American brand was able to highlight an ancestral dye: indigo. For more details on the collection and its manufacture, find our article Polo Ralph Lauren presents the Indigo Stadium collection.

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