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The Stone Island clothing brand was born in 1982 in Ravarino, Italy. Specializing in high-end clothing and pioneering techwear, the label is known for the originality of its pieces. Today, its...
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The Stone Island clothing brand was born in 1982 in Ravarino, Italy. Specializing in high-end clothing and pioneering techwear, the label is known for the originality of its pieces. Today, its famous compass rose logo is a staple in fashion circles.

For this FW21 back-to-school season, the label continues to do what it knows best. Men's clothing of the highest quality, with creative processes that make use of numerous technologies. Sleeveless vest in hyper-resistant and windproof nylon; cargo pants with zip pocket; wool turtleneck sweater. Novelty is plentiful, and always with impeccable finishes.

The brand's iconic logo, the compass rose logo comes in the form of an embroidered patch made of boiled cotton fabric. Like a military patch, but this one, symbolizes the ocean and the quest for perpetual experimentation. This patch can be found on all the label's pieces, on the sleeves of your parka or the left leg of your pants. Even accessories such as the beanie, the cap, or even the bags. The mastery of dyeing for cotton or wool products, as well as the technological processes used have made the brand famous. Especially in men's streetwear circles.

In Italy, in its R&D department, the label constantly improves the manufacturing processes of its materials. Among the flagship products, the jacket made from nylon from water filtration technology, self-reflective and heat-sensitive. A successful combination of sportswear and casual, the brand is a must-have in men's fashion. Modernism, novelty, and utility are the key words of the Italian firm.

Although streetwear, the label is also worn casually. Recently bought by Moncler, we find more classic pieces in the product offering. Stone island sweatshirt, sweatpants, stone island coat, stone island windbreaker vest, stone island pants. But also the cotton cargo pants, the black or white polo shirt, the hooded down jacket, the Stone Island shorts... Without forgetting the accessories, such as the wool cap, the cotton cap, and the nylon bags.

Where does Stone Island come from?

It was in 1982, in Ravirano near Modena in Italy, that one of the most beautiful success-stories of high-end sportswear was about to come to light. Massimo Osti, an artist and intellectual from Bologna, has been able to impose his vision based on progress, the perpetual search for novelty and materials that combine a sense of detail with comfort and practicality. This research signals the end of fleece and the beginning of new materials such as ripstop to name but one. Read our article Where does Stone Island come from ? to learn more about the compass rose brand Stone Island and how it has established itself in the sportswear and high-end casual clothing for over 30 years, until being bought by Moncler.

The keys to the success of the Stone Island brand

The Keys To The Success Of The Stone Island Brand is no longer to be described. From the beginning, the Italian label, now part of Moncler, has been able to distinguish itself by offering piece full of details, with ultra technical and innovative designs. Designs that have not gone unnoticed since they have been able to impose themselves in turn in different underground cultures. What really makes its strength is its ability to stay true to its line of conduct, with its desire to constantly bring an avant-garde vision of techwear through innovation, although the fundamental patch logo does not move over the years. Today, its authenticity allows it to create a unique sense of belonging among the followers of the Italian brand. Today, you will find its technical garment in various ranges for men as the stone island hooded jacket or the stone island stretch cargo pants which are two references in their fields and both displaying the mythical patch logo and a manufacture in 100% cotton in most cases. The price is high, but so is the quality of the garment.

How does Stone Island fit ?

he brand's know-how is felt year after year with technically outstanding pieces, so quickly forget your cotton fleece pieces. The label knows how to mix styles: casual, sportswear and technical. Each piece is finished to the highest standards and features a unique design method full of details. As we all know, the collections are designed using exclusive materials, developed in-house by the research and development department. It is therefore essential to know How does Stone Island fit ?, in order to best understand the techwear garment offered by the Italian label and to adorn the famous logo patch on his crewneck sweater as best as possible. We will make an overview of the items that we could see over a season or a collection, a quick list through the fleece jacket, the Stone Island polo, the tee shirt, the hooded ghost jacket, the stone island zip hoodie through the windbreaker and many others, including accessories. With all these piece, you will proudly display the brand's logo patch on your sleeve, a prestigious sign that brings its share of details.

The Ultimate Guide To The Stone Island Logo

The label of the compass rose stone island is now a brand that we no longer present both because of its history (newly purchased at a price of one billion euros by Moncler) that its famous logo, which is found both on, a quick list, the Stone Island polo, sweatshirt, tee shirt, crewneck sweater, fleece jacket, stretch cargo pants, the stone island swim shorts ... He knew over the years to innovate and renew its ranges to produce each season of clothing always more advanced and evolved. But it is certain that only one element has endured through the seasons and evolutions without taking a wrinkle: their logo patch located on the left sleeve. The small patch logo in boiled wool, a real crest of a community, has sometimes been modified and declined on several stone island ghost jacket. Find out all about the Stoney logo patch with our article The Ultimate Guide to the Stone Island Logo, which will have no secrets for you.

How To Spot Fake Stone Island ?

World famous brand for several years, Stone is now a behemoth (bought for a billion euros by Moncler); Given, we find many counterfeit piece on the market such as their famous Stone Island hooded jacket it can be quite complicated to distinguish them from real garment. The brand, over time, has been able to create effective ways to distinguish counterfeit piece from authentic ones. We have for example the presence of ART codes and authentication codes, as well as ways to ensure that the logo patch on his tee shirt is authentic. We tell you everything in our new warning How to Spot Fake Stone Island. So that you can be sure not to be fooled when buying online.

Stone Island Colorama

Stoney is known in a certain sense for its unique colors. Indeed, it is constantly innovating in its LAB in order to constantly come up with new technologies for dyed cotton and other materials. We can find all these new colors and technologies on the Stone Island hoodie with fine ribbed cuffs that is available in several colors (black, olive, blue, grey, navy...). With each new lookbook, Stone Island offers us an explosion of colors always innovative according to the seasons. Discover all the different colors that make the pride of the label through our article Stone Island Colorama

Stone Island FW19, Between Innovation And Heritage

Through the FW19 collection and our article Stone Island FW19, Between Innovation and Heritage, discover the extraordinary garment that Massimo and Carlo Rivetti have proposed to us. Through its technological innovations, Stone designs a technical and casual collection for the lower temperatures. A quick list : zip overshirt, tee shirt, light jacket, zip hoodie, down jacket, Stone Island sweatshirts with prints and dyed cotton crew neck sweaters... Once again we are sure to spend a winter in style and comfort. The price is high, but so is the quality of the garment.