Stone island

A culture of research, experimentation, function and use are the matrixes that have always defined Stone Island: the sportswear brand established in 1982, designed to become a symbol of extreme research on fibres and textiles, applied to an innovative design. Season after season, it is through the study of form and the “manipulation” of the matter that Stone Island has found its own language with the aim of establishing new boundaries in the world of garment making.


For this Fall / Winter 2017 season, Stone Island bring to the fore the work done by its dyers by explaining each color of their collection on their website through articles. Tortora, Stucco, Muschio, Salvia ... so many innovative colors. But the brand does not stop there, as the Ice Jacket demonstrates, which changes color according the temperature felt. The Ghost range will spice up this selection with its sleek design offering a tone-on-tone patch for technical elegance. Besides these more original models will remain obviously the impossible to circumvent the classics Crewnecks, Hoodies, t-shirts long sleeves and down jackets. 

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