AMI Paris is a clothing brand created in 2011 by Alexandre Mattiussi in Paris. After working with big brands such as Givenchy or Christian Dior and travelling between Milan, New York and Paris,...
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AMI Paris is a clothing brand created in 2011 by Alexandre Mattiussi in Paris. After working with big brands such as Givenchy or Christian Dior and travelling between Milan, New York and Paris,  Alexandre decided to launch is own brand, AMI. The brand offers an elegant, casual and classical wardrobe for men and women. The brand's name AMI plays with its owner initials and the French translation of the word meaning "friend". The label's philosophy relies a lot on their casual, friendly and authentic nature. As for their previous seasons collections available on our website, we are lucky enough to count AMI de coeur sweatshirts, no sleeve shirts, cardigan, AMI de coeur jacket and other items displaying the "De coeur" which means heart in French.


AMI Paris is a reference to the "friend" we all want to have. With its logo composed by an "A" topped with a heart, it represent Alexandre and AMI's initals. Mattiussi wants to transmit emotions through his collections and creations. It might be simple, but it's simply beautiful. The "A" adorned with a heart is present on the majority of their items such as cap, polo, shirt, hoodie, sweatshirts, pants and shorts. 

This season, the heart is bigger, it might be to represent love with a big "A" of AMI, our friend of heart. 

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Alexandre wanted to make collections that arbore both casual and a chic look, aiming to deliver an authentic and positive message while keeping at the same time an exclusive and urban spirit. 

In 2017, AMI's recognizable De Coeur logo became the label's new signature. Present on every single items, it represents Alexandre's message and ambition which is to make a brand that radiates a positive energy all around the world and bring people together as friends.


Let's revisit a little the career of one the most important figures in current French fashion. Born in Normandy, the young man quickly found himself a passion for dancing. His dream ? The Opéra Garnier located in Paris. This passion didn't last too long because Alexandre wasn't comfortable enough to dance in front of a thousand people, he said exactly "I missed the contest because I knew my life wasn't there".

Although he gave up on dancing, the young man was still attracted to everything that touches art and creation. It was at the Duperré school school that he studied art, design and fashion. Then, he decided to specialize in men's clothing.

His down-to-earth mentality ad his creations will quickly speak to the general public. He opened his first official store in Paris in December 2012. In July 2013, he received the prestigious by the National Association for the Development of Fashion Arts.

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AMI Paris clothing is designed for everyday's life. The Parisian label's pieces are distinguishable by a very high design quality. The brand's workshops makes each piece with attention to details, using sophisticated textiles and a unique design process. This allows the pieces to be modern and have a inspired silhouette. In order to feel good in your clothes, it is important to pick the right size. We'll talk about the different sizing of the brand. You can find more detailled informations in our article "How does fit the AMI clothes" online.

Upper body articles

The brand's tee shirt are distinguable by their unique style. From chic style to casual, with different color types such as black, blue a large size would correspond to a size 42 and following this same logic an medium size correspond to a 40 and a small size 38.

As for the shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts, all you need to do is to take your usual size. The chances of making mistakes are minimal. You can also check our articles on how to wear them by clicking on the following links : "How to wear the AMI sweater" ; "How to wear the AMI tee shirt" ; 

Lower body articles

Concerning the label's pants, the same thing can be said about the standard pants, the chino and topstitched pants : choose your usual size. If you need a large pant go for the size 40, medium 38 and small 36.

However be careful if you are going for a jean, we advice you to go for a size upper than your usual one.

Here's some link that might be useful : "How to choose your AMI pants?


Did somebody said AMI wasn't a brand for women? Untrue. Seven years after its lunch, it makes no doubt that the brand attracts a lot of women. The designer Alexandre Mattiussi doesn't intend to leave these women on the side. We shorten the pants, trousers and jeans a little, we pull back the shoulders and here we go! In January 2018, AMI showed its first ever "Menswear for Women" collection based on oversized and large masculine items such as jackets, sweater, cotton white tee shirts, sweatshirts and black and white hoodies adjusted for women. The brand got a lot of success from the women for this collection. Among the famous clients and muses in relation with the label, we have Charlotte Lebon, Christine & the queens and Penelope Cruz.

You can find a dedicated range containing the classics : AMI De Coeur sweatshirt, coat, hoodie , wool cardigan, AMI de Coeur zip jacket, cotton turtleneck sweater, the AMI Paris sneakers. 

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The heart-shaped brand never cease to innovate over the seasons. Renewing everytime the cuts and colors (black, white, grey, red and blue). There is an article that sum-up every highlights from every season by AMI Paris. In this article we talk about how the label came up to the SS18 with a Libertarian Fashion. Then we'll give our opinion on the Fall 2018 collection, then we'll highlight some of the best items from the previous seasons such as the hooded zip sweatshirt, the AMI de Coeur sweatshirt, AMI Paris cap, the AMI low top sneakers, and some more. An old collection where you'll no doubt be able to find certain pieces in our Ami Paris outlet selection.Then finally we'll focus the Summer 2019 and Winter 2019. Find more about these collections in our article "Seasons and collections AMI Paris".

FW20, FW21 and other recent collections 

Luckily for us, some of the FW21 articles are available on our website and in stores such as the AMI de Coeur tee shirt (white, grey and black), the AMI de coeur knitwear (grey, beige, white, black) and long sleeve shirts. However, concerning the new sew season you can find some new polo (black, grey, white), oversized sweater and hoodie ( pink, pale green, beige, black) and embroidered caps( black, white). The label is distinguishable by its high quality materials and design ( 100% cotton, wool ). You can find the most notorious items embroidered with the brand's  heart-shaped logo, some other accessories are also available for exemple leather good wallets with different designs and colors ( grey, black and red ).

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