AMI Paris is a brand created by Alexandre Mattiussi in 2011 in Paris. After working at Christian Dior, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs, Alexandre decided to launch his own men's ready-to-wear brand. The brand name is based on the initials and last letter of its founder and artistic director.

The latter wanted to create collections that were both casual and chic. The AMI Paris brand aims to be authentic, sincere and with a message that is always positive and smiling. All this while maintaining a certain sophistication and a marked urban spirit. Ami Alexandre Mattiussi now has 300 points of sale around the world, three boutiques in Paris, and one in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

For this SS21 collection, the AMI Paris brand, as usual, revisits the classic men's wardrobe by modernizing it with style. This season will be marked by minimalist and refined creations. Whether you are a fan of sober polo, spring sweatshirt, or irresistible colorful hoodie and shirt; note that each piece is worked with care and is distinguished by a very high quality of design. This can be seen in the choice of cuts, materials and colors. We find in this collection essential pieces all surmounted by the embroidered logo which place themselves as one of the references of modern fashion. You will also find pieces with a vintage spirit such as the ami de coeur shirt or the patch ami cotton cap that will perfectly match your seasonal outfits. Of course, other similar pieces are to be found in our selection starting with the shorts embroidered with the logo ami de coeur.

Alexandre Mattiussi and his AMI collaborations

As always the Parisian label has fun revisiting and modernizing the classic men's wardrobe. From season to season, the mark shows an increased creativity and does not hesitate to collaborate with several brands to produce very successful pieces. Alexandre creates timeless, casual and chic assortments. For the moment, the French label has several collaborations on different types of products with each it own style. This authentic mark has been able to offer us through these various collaborations original pieces sometimes out of what we are used to see in the AMI Paris wardrobe like their famous black / white shirt or oversized cotton hoodie.

To know more, discover our article Alexandre Mattiussi And His AMI Collaborations to learn more about the collaboration AMI Paris X K-Way, AMI Paris X Gap , AMI Paris X Smiley, AMI Paris X Moncler and AMI Paris X Eastpak.

AMI, l’homme pour la femme

Who said that dressing a man for a woman was not feminine? 7 years after the launch of AMI, it is clear that the brand appeals to women. And Mattiussi does not intend to leave these ladies on their hunger. One shortens the pants, one takes again slightly the shoulder and here is AMI for the woman. The idea is to remain faithful to its designs and style with its sense of ready-to-wear. So you will find a dedicated range that includes the classics: black / White Ami hoodie sweatshirt , black / White Ami zipped hoodie sweatshirt, twisted knit with logo patch or the Ami Shirt made in cotton.

To learn more, read our topic : AMI, L'homme pour la Femme. Among the clients and muses of the brand, Charlotte Lebon, Christine & the queens, Leila Bekhti, Penelope Cruz and many others.


AMI de Coeur, A Love Story

An "A" with a heart on it, bigger than in past seasons, like a message sent to us by the founder of AMI Paris. It is true that for the past few years, the designer has fallen in love with this famous little embroidered logo patch, the "A" adorned with a red heart that he doesn't hesitate to put on different cotton pieces: turtlenecks, Ami hoodie, Ami hoodie zipper and Ami shirt. We tell you more in our article AMI de Coeur, a love story. This season, this heart is bigger, with an almost coarse embroidery giving it a touching sincerity.


AMI, By Alexandre Mattiussi

For the launch of AMI Paris's Autumn/Winter collection, Graduate invites you to look back at the career of one of the most prominent figures in current French fashion, Alexandre Mattiussi, the founder of the Parisian label. Awarded, decorated, an extraordinary career path, the French designer is not here by chance. After the ANDAM price he makes passages noticed by Marc Jacobs and Dior, like a free electron he takes any good experience to take in order to constantly improve himself. Find more infos in our article AMI by Alexandre Mattiussi. Today the designer preaches simplicity and quality, the simple word is not a pejorative word in his eyes, the simple is the basis of everything.


How To Fit The AMI Clothes

The brand's know-how is felt collection after collection with pieces that leave more and more room for creative madness. Each piece is made from sophisticated textiles often made of cotton and a unique design process and therefore benefits from better finishes. As we all know, the designer's main focus is on comfort and that is why it is important to choose the right size. It is therefore essential to know how to fit the AMI clothes, in order to get the best possible understanding of the chic clothes offered by the Parisian label. Don't wait any longer to become an expert on the garment topped with the iconic heart-shaped friend logo patch. Find on our website our sizing guides that will give you a knowledge of the friend hoodie, the twisted patch knit, the zip-up hoodie and to know how to wear the Ami shirt. 

Seasons And Collections Ami Paris

Nowadays, the brand with the little red heart has not ceased to surprise us through its collections, renewing each season the cuts, colors and details of the clothes stamped AMI Paris. We will discover together in a first time the wardrobe of the Spring SS18 season through a capsule revisiting two main movements to release a feeling of liberation. Then we will see the Fall 2018 collection, a drop resuming simplicity on a multitude of clothes as diverse as varied. It is now time to apprehend the great heat with the summer wardrobe of friends 2019 which is composed of what we can call "big pieces".To finish and bring down the temperatures, the Winter 2019 collection that bombards with pieces more effective than each other.
Find out more about these collections through our article Seasons and Collections Ami Paris. The label with the red heart will no longer have any secrets for you.

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