The Arc Teryx label created in 1991 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is today specialized in the design of high quality techwears items. These equipments are perfect for mountain sports such as skiing, hiking, trail riding and all other winter sports. But they can also be useful in an urban environment under bad weather for example. The Canadian brand focuses on refined, timeless and minimalist designs.

Today at the forefront of high-end outdoor clothing and climbing equipment, Arc Teryx, symbolized by a flying dinosaur, is known in France for its well-cut quality jackets and concentrates of innovative technologies. Unequalled performance in extreme conditions, born of timeless quality, intuitive design and simplicity, is the mentality imprinted by the Canadian brand. Arc Teryx is constantly improving its quality by offering ever more sophisticated clothing at the cutting edge of the latest technologies in terms of winter clothing.

For this new SS21 season, Arc'Teryx is back with its incredible technical coats. Handling lightness and insulation, the brand presents us its different coats with the Atom and Zeta models. To complete your style, Arc' Teryx proposes its caps and hats oriented techwear, and its Granville backpacks.

Arcteryx, an authentic label

Direction Vancouver, the location of Arcteryx's head office, one of the most beautiful cities in North America, modern, ultra-clean, with plenty of green space and snow as far as the eye can see. Located in the wilderness of the Canadian Coastal Mountains, the Canadian label is based on precise and meticulous design and manufacturing criteria. In the head office offices, about 100 people are busy: designers, engineers and quality control specialists to create technical garments that are out of the ordinary.

In their ARC'One plant located in Vancouver, British Columbia, which represents 10% of their global production, Arcteryx employs more than 500 people. The manufacturing of some of these products requires several hours and multiple operations. This desire for excellence and quality finishing gives Arcteryx the ability to innovate at the highest level. For example, by creating new ranges with even more precise and refined cuts that show the brand's involvement in the production of their products.

Arc Teryx Veilance, a premium and innovative range of products

The Arc Teryx Veilance line offers a range of sportswear and equipment from mountain jackets to backpacks. The brand is resolutely elitist in terms of quality where it stands out for its constant capacity to innovate and overcome the extreme conditions of the high mountains. Thanks to minimalist values and attention to detail, Arc Teryx Veilance offers climate control solutions in a system of layers with different utilities.

Veilance was founded by Arc Teryx on a quality philosophy that continues to drive both entities towards a constant commitment to innovation. The use of high quality materials and the advanced engineering of their garments make the label famous today. With a style that is rather devoid of superficiality and creative, this range will appeal to those who are looking for perfection in clothing that is technical, light and elegant at the same time.

The unmistakable Arc Teryx Jacket

Reserved because of their professionalism to the most demanding trendy skiers, Arc Teryx equipment and clothing make no concessions, whether in terms of technicality, finishes or style. They are durable, lightweight and effective protection against the elements. The Arc Teryx jacket is no exception to the rule with models that quickly became references, such as the Sabre or the Rush, with a new work on the materials and the cut. The assurance of a dry day, whatever the snow and weather conditions.

These jackets are mainly light and minimalist products for climbing and mountaineering that protect against relatively dangerous high mountain conditions. But also ultra-resistant materials for long expeditions in difficult conditions as well as waterproof, windproof and breathable textiles for optimal protection against the elements.

The Arc Teryx Beta jacket, a classic

Pillar of the Canadian label collection since the year 2000, the Teryx Beta AR bow designed with high performance materials to provide exceptional protection against the elements. The jacket also allows for high performance and greater versatility on a daily basis.

The Arc Teryx BETA Jacket combines comfort, protection and lightness. Compatible with a helmet, it can protect you when climbing or via ferrata. Its versatility makes it an essential jacket for the Arc Teryx brand. Every detail of this jacket is well thought out, especially the adjustable hood equipped with a small visor. The cut is neither too loose nor too close to the body falls perfectly while leaving enough room for a second layer. A third layer is useful for great versatility for trekking, snowshoeing or ski touring.

The Arc Teryx Zeta jacket, optimal and efficient

The Arc Teryx Zeta jacket is a piece that combines sturdiness, resistance and performance in changing weather conditions. Its anatomical cut with articulated elbows and underarm gussets make it particularly aesthetic and very comfortable. The design is sober with 2 large front pockets, 1 small pocket inside and a rather large hood.

The fabrics also have sealed seams and a high-strength laminated suspension ring for waterproofness. The cut fabrics offer a really simple layering coupled with the anatomical shape of the Arc'teryx Zeta jacket that fits your body perfectly. This jacket is the favorite of all adventurers because it can be packed easily and its minimalist and high-performance design is rare on the market. It is suitable for all weathers, it is ideal for hiking, trekking, running or trail running.

The Arc Teryx Atom jacket, innovation at its peak

The new Arc Teryx Atom jacket made of synthetic fiber represents the equivalent of the Arc Teryx Beta jacket, but in garments with padding. As usual with the brand, the quality, comfort and practicality of the product are there. All this with a minimalist but high performance design, with a surprising durability in relation to its weight.

This jacket, which is not really a fleece, a softshell or a down jacket, is a versatile intermediate product, a must-have! It's lightweight, quickly forgotten and doesn't hinder movement thanks to its stretch nylon fabric skillfully located on the sides. It has two side pockets and one inside pocket. Finally, it provides excellent insulation thanks to an adjustable drawcord at the hem and stretchy knit cuffs designed for quick drying, increased durability, and high warmth even when wet.

This bodes well for what promises to be a very busy time ahead for the Canadian brand. Indeed, the label is following a logical evolution by first taking the time to establish itself as a reference in its field. Then by offering itself the services of brands such as Palace for its first collaboration by elaborating a collection articulated around the outdoor theme.

Arc' Teryx, a philanthropic brand

The Canadian company, founded in 1991, has initiated a charity organization for the homeless in Vancouver. To protect them from the elements, the label trained volunteers to sew clothing and equipment for the homeless. The biggest creation to come out of this charity is the famous "donates stylish waterproof" which is a waterproof cape that can withstand the elements and keep warm. It is the brand's most exclusive gore tex garment with only 1000 pieces. The "Donates stylish waterproof" are arc' teryx garments demonstrating the know-how of the brand justifying once again the legitimacy of the technology of the brand W. L. Gore and Associates and arc' teryx garments in extreme environments.

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