Being born in the 80's (1982) in the Texas, more precisely in Dallas, Autry Action Shoes is making its come back to the sneaker world after 20 years of inactivity. Autry's success lasted for a while, but it stopped when the founder Jim Autry died in 2009. None of his descendants wanted to take over the company and Jim's legacy. The brand was saved by one man and his two business partners , Alberto Raengo, Gino Zarelli and Marco Doro. These men vowed to transform the company into a modern lifestyle brand. For this new season FW22, Autry proposes a very large panel of their most iconic vintage sneakers such as the bb45 model and the white medalist both revisited with a smooth leather upper and a more agressive shape. 


From being one of the top brands in the US in the 80's and 90's, Autry has been achieving top sales again and annouced its comeback as a complete lifestyle brand. "Autry, The Awakening of A Sneaker's Icon", we explained that Regis Billart is the man behind this awakening. He is the one who though about making bi-color casual sneakers that you could wear at work. He initiated the idea of the all-white collection and pushed the investors to invest as much as possible into the women's footwear market. Back in their prime in the 80's, Autry Action Shoes was so successfull that a specialized gave them the title of "The best low-top sneakers" in world. The Jetstreamers low and the Medalist low leather were also classed by TennisMagazine as being the best sneakers from 1985. The reasons lies in their new designs, new materials with leather and suede leather and their soles can be accorded with any outfit. This makes Autry Action Shoes an all-gender brand. Known as one of the most famous sportswear brand in the North America. The brand owes its success to the pair called the "Medalist". It is an all-white low-top pair embedded in a yellow rubber sole. With an American flag and the Autry logo visible on it, the revisited new edition of these sneakers eradiates a retro/old school vibe since they didn't really change from the original design. These pairs are really emblematic to the brand and pays homage to the mid 80's.

One model, infinite designs

We talked a lot about the most emblematic pair of Autry Shoes, the Medalist, but lets not forget that this pair gave birth to a tons of other pairs similar to these but still quite different. The first one to make a difference is the Autry WB12 and WB13 with its binary color, the sneaker exist in low-mid and high-tops. Then, the Super Vintage more commonly called the "Sup Vint" are very famous and worn by a lot of people for their tricolor design with a very retro style. These 2 pairs arborates the modern style of sneakers design such as Nike with their Air Force or Air Jordan. Then, we also have the White Low Leather that is very similar to the design of casual shoes such as the Stan Smith's. 

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