Autry Action Shoes, a Dallas based company in Texas, is making a comeback on the international market for the pleasure of all vintage sneakers and sneakers, men or women, lovers. The company was first introduced in Dallas in the United States during the early 80's. Autry Action Shoes was very present on the North American market with their famous low medalist shoes crafted in suede leather.

Autry, Medalist Sneakers and Jestreamers were featured in Runner's World and Tennis Magazine

At the time, the craze for Autry Action Shoes was such that a specialized magazine awarded it the title of best low top sneakers (the jetstreamers low sneakers, but also the Medalist low leather model ranked by Tennis Magazine as the best sneaker of 1985), whether in terms of novelty in design and details, material with leather and suede, color (white, green or blue) or in terms of technicality.

After being abandoned for a long time following the death of its owner, the Autry Action Shoes sneakers brand is reborn from its ashes in 2019, with everything that differentiates it from other streetwear sneakers. Its aesthetic of vintage inserts (like the Autry low Medalist White Suede Leather), minimalist, its manufacture in high quality materials such as nubuck or suede as well as its sole match with all outfits, which makes Autry Action Shoes an all-purpose range for men and women for all season.

Autry, Sneakers Low and Hi models, Full Leather

For this season, Autry Action Shoes offers us variations of its emblematic low sneakers like the low suede leather white green autry or leather autry low sneakers two-tone so that everyone can find his perfect sneakers. After having conquered the North American market of vintage sneakers, Autry Action Shoes is making a strong arrival in France and it is definitely a great success. Moreover, a new collection of clothes is proposed on the tennis theme of the 90's to sublimate your pair of sneakers and match it as it should be at the level of its color and its suede leather.

For this Spring Summer 21 season, the Autry Action Shoes brand is back in France with its unmissable range of low and mid suede sneakers for men and women, from the ls, ln and ll collections. To accompany them, Autry Action shoes also offers in men's and women's clothing, its Tsxm tees and Swxm sweatshirts with a 90's style. The streetwear spirit, the yokes of these low top sneakers and the comfort of their leather soles will bring a vintage touch to your look.

Autry, The Revival of an Icon

The year 1985 was a turning point for the Dallas based sneakers brand. Runner Magazine gave the Medalist model from Autry Action Shoes the highest rating, thanks to its sole, its heel support and its suede leather upper. Unfortunately following the death of the owner, the label will be gradually abandoned, but in 2019 two French investors will decide to revive it, so discover our article "Autry, the Revival of an Icon" which traces step by step the course of the sneakers brand.

The sneakers are thus updated, keeping a spirit vintage sneakers, we will find the low suede leather white green autry or leather autry low two-tone sneakers that will be terribly effective for the arrival of spring. With a subtle use of suede leather, a vintage look, and contemporary technical performance, the Autry Action Shoes have reinvented themselves by paying tribute to the full leather low sneakers of the 80's ranked by Tennis Magazine, medalist in the lead.

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