Founded in 1969 by designer Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garçons is known for its avant-garde world, with creations that are closer to artistic concept than fashion. Comme des Garçons fragrances were created in the 1990s, with the launch of the first fragrance in 1994 created by perfumer Mark Buxton. After launching its Play collection, which has fun to deconstruct clothing, the Japanese label tackles the segment of perfume for men and women. The brand offers us very high quality perfumes with woody, peppery or oriental notes.

Comme des Garçons, Between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette

Comme des Garçons Parfums is a label that likes to create surprises, which is why from their first perfumes they are already releasing innovative scents and concepts. In terms of eccentric eau de toilette, we will obviously find Odeur 53 which very quickly saw the light of day. This fragrance takes up notes very very little seen in the perfumery world as freshly cut grass, sand dunes or oxygen. Some time after the arrival of the label Comme des Garçons Parfums, Christian Astuguevieille then in charge of the conceptualization of fragrances will become later the artistic director of the house. This collection of eau de parfum is for men and women. You will easily find your happiness and your companion of road.

For this new FW21 season, Comme des garçons Parfums continues in line with their artistic director's leitmotif: 'Stimulate the five senses, question perceptions, never stop marveling. The Odeur du théâtre du chatelet and Amazingreen perfumes will subtly highlight your olfactory presence. The Japanese label addresses, through this collection, both men and women.

Comme des Garçons Parfums. A Product of Creators

Over the years, Comme des Garçons Parfums has also been able to offer us a good number of products made in collaboration with other brands or well-known personalities. Among the two biggest, we will think of the one of Gosha Rubchinskiy who created a skateboard inspired perfume. A product reminiscent of youth and freedom. On the other hand and in a totally different universe, their interaction with Monocle magazine offers us 4 quite different fragrances. The first product, Monocle Scent One Hinoki is the best known pays tribute to hinoki (Japanese Cypress) with a very fresh and subtly woody olfactory scent. In short, the 4 fragrances in collaboration with Monocle are inspired by the plant world and pay homage to them with each time a vision and a scent quite exquisite.

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