Adidas is a German company founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler. Specializing in the manufacture of sporting goods ranging from tracksuits to sneakers and even accessories. Adidas Originals ,...
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Adidas is a German company founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler. Specializing in the manufacture of sporting goods ranging from tracksuits to sneakers and even accessories. Adidas Originals, which notably launched iconic pairs of shoes such as the Stan Smith Originals, Superstar and Gazelle that we know so well today. The German label never stops keeping up with the times in both innovation and technical advances dedicated to performance.

Striving every year to put forward new artists and performers in every possible sport discipline, Adidas knows how to draw us into its universe. Aesthetics, colors and comfort are thus mixed with performance, for our greatest pleasure.

The colorful history of Adidas is now well known. From the war between the two Dassler brothers and the members of the two companies (Puma and the brand with the three stripes), through the advent of the Superstar, Continental and Stan Smith Originals sneakers, as well as the sponsorship of high-flying athlete (what kids did not want one of the jerseys of his favorite sportsman?).

The range of sports shoes dresses men and women across the planet. Sneakers, socks, jerseys, accessories... Everyone has at least one piece stamped with the three stripes of the label, which ranks alongside Nike among the most prestigious sportswear brands on the planet.

Returning for this new Fall/Winter 2021 season, Adidas and its famous three stripes logo presents us with its classics revisited and modernized for a better insertion of its products in the trendy streetwear universe. So we find the Adidas Originals Orion; the Zx 500; as well as the Nizza, the Zx 420and the Hamburg that are reinterpreted on a timeless style, while preserving an identity, a level of performance and a unique authenticity.

The German equipment manufacturer then once again proves its worth in the vast athletic footwear scene and still stands out as well. The footwear range, which can be found in our store, dresses everyone from children to men and women, including an athlete like Stefanos Tsitsipas and many others.

Adidas Samba Purple Haze

In our write-up, we present you the strange samba released on April 20 and nicknamed Purple Haze. This pair of sneakers is neither more nor less than a tribute to the expression "4-20" that has been democratized around the world over the years. Just to tease you a bit our article "Adidas Samba Purple Haze" here is a small list of keywords related to it: Success, Grateful dead, Purple Haze and Waldos.

Adidas Neighborhood: A terrace survival guide

For the past few years Adidas Originals has made a habit of collaborating with the quintessential Japanese streetwear brand, Neighborhood. Unless you live in a cave, you're probably familiar with Neighborhood, which has been the trendy daddy of the global streetwear movement for a while.

The brand's name is Neighborhood.

In our article "Adidas Neighborhood: A terrace survival guide" we take a look back at the triple collaboration between the sports equipment manufacturer straight from Germany, the Japanese label as well as the artist who made the cover of Kanye West's "life of pablo" album. In the collaboration we find classic pieces, tracksuits, pants, T shirt, but unfortunately for fans of the brand with 3 stripes no Superstar, Stan Smith Originals or Gazelle in the program.

Neighborhood X Adidas Originals-SS18 collection

Once again the sportswear and footwear brand straight from Germany joins for the time of a capsule collection with the Japanese label Neighborhood. For this new successful collaboration, we find the DNA of both members. On the one hand, Adidas Originals offers comfortable sneakers as well as clothing, tracksuits, pants and T-shirts used in sports. On the other side, NBHD is putting forward designs that transpire the world of louboutin, biker and especially streetwear. The result? A successful collection, all in black and white, to find in our store and in our article Neighborhood X Adidas Originals—SS18 collection!