Since 1874, William Lockie has always been driven by a passion to create the most luxurious British knitwear. Located in the heart of the Scottish knitwear industry in Hawick, manufacturer William Lockie draws its roots from deep within Scotland. This family-owned company is committed to localization in its clothing and accessories. Find more details and information in store and below.

The know-how is passed down from generation to generation to achieve a form of mastery and attention to detail rare in the industry of merino wool, cashmere, lambswool, noble materials. The same families have been working in these factories for decades. Cashmere, camel hair, merino, Geelong and lambswool are the main materials used in the design of their clothes like sweater, sweater, cardigan.

At William Lockie, pedigree lambs are raised in China, Mongolia as well as southern Australia (Geelong wool). The materials are then processed directly in the factory at the manufacturer's location in Hawick. William Lockie clothing and accessories are timeless classics, the collections are updated every year to be at the cutting edge of fashion. And at the right price. Whether in the city, in the country, in a streetwear or chic look, these knits will have their place in your wardrobe. They will convince you with their deep colors, the rightness of the collar, shape and size, the beauty of the knit sweater and cardigans.

For this FW21 season, the Scottish house presents us with a batch of wool sweaters that are as sober as they are chic, and perfectly sized. Their finishes, details and colors are impeccable. The materials used are of great quality, whether camel hair, cashmere, lambswool, and are all from a natural source. The round neck sweater, knitwear and cardigans as well as the accessories are positioned as must-have pieces for this season. All for a fair price.

William Lockie Sweater and Cardigan

The William Lockie brand has been in business for nearly 200 years, the work done is firmly rooted in history. The tradition of the UK's great garment weavers is thus carried on with this brand. The label has been known ever since for making sweaters, cardigans, and luxury knitwear with soft hands and exemplary production. In the details of the clothes, we find round neck, crew neck, turtleneck or V-neck. Using both "old fashioned" techniques and vintage or contemporary production, William Lockie's sweater and cardigan manufacturing is elevated to an art form. For a very modest price compared to the quality of the garments. The hand of a William Lockie sweater has a softness and a vintage feel that is unmatched. Stop by the store for more details and information on the brand's clothing.

William Lockie and merino wool, lambswool and cashmere

The use of natural materials and precious wool is a prerequisite for William Lockie clothing and accessories. The cashmere comes directly from China and Mongolia, the processing of the material is done in Scotland and benefits from the label's expertise in transforming this raw material into precious material. Lamb's wool, Geelong, merino and camel hair also benefit from the best of treatments.

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