Alden Shoe Company is an American shoe brand created in 1884 by Charles H. Alden at Middleborough, Massachusetts. The shoe brand is specialized in handcrafted men's leather boots, mocassins and city shoes. Back in the 90's, Alden Shoe was one of a hundred shoe factory in New Englend, however now it is one of the last shoe factory remaining in England. They produce high quality products with high quality materials, it is a high-gam brand. Alden's model 405 boots more commonly called "the Indy boots" were worn by Harrison Ford in his role for Indiana Jones. 

The most outstanding model of shoes created by Alden Shoe Company

Known for their classics such as the Indy Boot, Unlined Chukka, Alden Oxford the Longwing Blutcher. Alden has reinforced its place in the American shoe industry but also in the United States history. It is 100% sure that you already met someone wearing the Alden Oxford Shoe. It is considered the most formal shoe designed for men. The original model of these shoes are made with black leather, however it is now possible to find a very large set of colortypes available for this model. The laces are closed and the construction of the Oxford shoe allows it to be decorated and customized according to anyone's taste. The Goodyear welted is used to increase the shoe's longevity. 

The other very notorious shoe made by Alden Shoe Company is the Unlined Chukka. It was made using suede calfskin and is unlined so the pair can feel lighter and more flexible. The combinaison of super soft lamb leatherwork with a flexible leather sole gives its user the best comfort possible. The mounting of the sole is made in Norwegian sewing, procuring to the shoe its classical and elegant look. 

Last but not least, the Longwing Blutcher. Considered as very versatile, classy and timeless. The principal colortype of this pair is a dark burgundy made with Leather. There's a lot of features included in Alden's creations, but the most noteable features presents on the Longwing Butcher are its hard finition which increase the shoe's resistance. then we have a cork layer, a vegetal tanning and a tempered steel shank. 

High value content, a luxury brand

For FW22, Alden's new season's special edition is the model 9901 Plain Toe Blutcher Cordovan Black. Cordovan is a kind of soft leather made originally from goatskin. But for Alden's creation process they chose to go for premium horseskin from Horween's tanneries. Horseskin provides more warmth during cold seasons, more brightness and is smoother than goatskin. The brand is worlwidely known for their high quality mocassins, street shoes and others shoes made using cordovan. Their prestigeous reputation led "Perfection" to be their watchword, the amount of details taken into account during the creation process is impressive.

Excellence can't be accidently reached, it is a culture.

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