ALDEN SHOE COMPANY is a New England footwear and accessories brand founded in 1884 by Charles H.Alden in Middleborough, Massachusetts. The Alden brand specializes in the manufacturing of shoes, moccasins and dress shoes. Handcrafted leather shoes made by hand on a Goodyear stitching. Crafted from horsehide, the famous shell cordovan, a pair of Alden shoes is positioned on a high-end offering.

The Alden shoe, an Oxford of exception

With a rich history, the flagship models are the Oxford, Blucher and other Chukka boots. The label is also known for other products such as calf leather loafers with exceptional shape and comfort. Working only with noble materials, Alden offers us pairs with impeccable finishes and details.

The leather is produced in Horween's high-end tanneries, the stitching Norwegian and Goodyear mounting of the sole, the label tolerates only perfection. Just look at one of these pairs to grasp by the correctness of the product, the leather, the shape, the details and the quality of materials.

Alden is positioned in the firmaments, among some other brands, of the high-end leather product. There is no comparison in foot comfort. And the resulting product is the top of the line of men's cordovan "shell" leather shoes. Alden also offers a range of accessories to keep your shoes in good condition. Cordovan leather shine brush, wax, and even a leather leather goods offering.

For this new season, the Alden Shoe Company has crafted made-in-the-USA shoes exclusively for Graduate boutiques. While respecting its history and unique style with new designs for the Cordovan collection in particular. You will find in our stores all the advice and details you need to find the right shoe for your feet and your size. As well as an offer of products and accessories to take care of your pair of moccasins.

A Pair of Cordovan Leather Shoes for the Season

For this FW21 season, Alden is offering us shoes made of impeccable quality leathers such as the 9901 plaintoe blucher cordovan Black pair. The shoes are still crafted from premium horsehide materials and leathers from Horween tanneries. Hand-assembled in the purest tradition of New England shoemakers. Shoes that will be the perfect accompaniment to a man wearing fine clothing and accessories.

Imperative, choose your pair of shoes in the right size. A size too small or a size too large will tend to deform the leather. Wrinkles in the toe box may appear too early, while at the right size the product will come to mold your foot.

Still today, the brand originating from Massachusetts is known worldwide for its quality manufacturing of its shoes, moccasins and other shoes in cordovan. Over time and because of their strong reputation, perfection has become the watchword when designing a pair. From the calf leather to the sole, the sense of detail and craftsmanship is pushed to the limit.

To bring you some tips, consider avoiding wearing your pair of cordovan leather shoes during a camping trip. But, obviously, wear them without moderation in the city, they will definitely ensure an unbeatable style. Especially helped by clothes of the same quality. And do not forget to bring accessories and other products, in order to take care of the shell leather cordovan of your pair of shoes Alden, whether it is moccasins or shoes.

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