Carhartt wip

Carhartt WIP is a division of the American brand Carhartt, one of the leading workwear companies in the USA. This American label draws its strength from its know-how and the manufacture of workwear. This European branch was created in 1989, 100 years after Hamilton Carhartt founded the parent company in Detroit. Carhartt Work in Progress was immediately a great success and brought color to the textile industry. It carefully revisits and modifies the workwear by bringing a new dimension to it in accordance with the codes of modern ready-to-wear.

For this new fall/winter 2020 season, the Hamilton Carhartt brand offers a collection with bold finishes. Each design from this line is distinguished by impeccable finishes and assertive cuts. The label does not deviate from its design philosophy by offering workwear in sober colors, but not without charm. Thus, we find the unavoidable jeans, symbols of the American label's know-how, and many other pieces that will captivate any streetwear lover. If you are wondering how Carhartt clothing fits, you have to keep in mind that the brand is known for its loose-fitting cuts. So stay on your usual sizing.

The FW20 Carhartt WIP Collection

With its FW20 capsule, the brand remains in line with previous ones by offering careful designs for workers as well as streetwear lovers. Each creation embodies a new trend and offers color, more comfort and functionality. Jeans, pants, shirt, hat or hooded sweatshirt, all these pieces have been designed in a sophisticated way and will seduce you with their originality and robustness. Each garment from this new line combines originality, trend and attention to detail.

Aesthetics at the service of work clothing

Without forgetting its workwear roots, the American brand offers an attractive vision of ready-to-wear. The latter blends a heterogeneous style with a skillfully researched aestheticism. All the designs are functional, robust and original. The brand excels in simple cuts with retro inspirations. So don't be surprised if you find that the Carhartt garment fits perfectly. The other key to the success of the pants, shirt or hoodie is the manufacturing process. Usually made of cotton for added comfort, the Carhartt piece is practical to wear and a must-have. Each sample is carefully crafted, even the bonnet has the best finishes. Obviously, in addition to cotton, the brand explores other more technical materials.

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