Carhartt WIP is a division of the American brand Carhartt. It is one of the first workwear companies created in Detroit, Michigan by Hamilton Carhartt. This streetwear label, with its iconic logo, draws its strength from its history, its know-how and the manufacture of workwear lines. This European branch was born in 1989, that is 100 years after the creation of the parent company in Detroit.

At the time, Carhartt WIP (Work in Progress) was immediately a huge success. As a result, it brings visibility to previously little-known workwear. It revisits and carefully modifies the details of workwear through its collection for men. All this by bringing them a new dimension in accordance with the codes of modern ready-to-wear.

The FW21 Carhartt WIP collection

Here it is at last, the new FW21 men's season. Carhartt WIP, one of today's biggest streetwear brands, is making a comeback with its American workwear-inspired textiles. The ready-to-wear items are thought out with the aim of offering the same high quality, robust and trendy. While revealing a touch of modernity and sobriety.

In novelty, the Newel pant makes its comeback in a corduroy or blue and black denim version. On the other hand the Master pant is also making a comeback in a rinsed version. Who says winter says comfort and warmth, so naturally we find the Chase Neck in more winter colors. But what would the Detroit brand be without an offer of accessories? For this season, we will naturally find warmer and more comfortable accessories like the Chase Socks or the Harlem Cap,only sizes. As you've surely understood, the winter season for men is shaping up to be comfortable and very varied.

The Michigan-based brand has not abandoned its streetwear origins. It offers more standard men's clothing with, for example, the more casual, regular fit, and utilitarian pants or jeans such as the Newel and the Nord Sweat pants. In a more workwear register, we find the flint shirt in 100% cotton corduroy. As well as a declination of rugged tee shirt, in multiple colors and sizes.

Then follows the jacket with the famous logo in print, the cargo pant, the long sleeve printed tee shirt, shorts, hooded sweatshirt and other "utility" clothing depending on the season (many sizes and colors, from black to white for all seasons). Each piece combines originality, trend and detail. Featuring sizes and cuts that are often regular, Carhartt WIP garments are easy to wear and at the same time reveal the assertive side of workwear filled with history and details. Also new is a line of eco-friendly items with organic cotton clothing.

Aestheticism at the service of men's workwear

Without leaving out its roots, Michigan-based brand Carharrt Wip offers a tantalizing take on men's and women's ready-to-wear. Ranging from the average person and skateboarders, to the youngsters attracted by the "hype" and novelty. The latter mixes heterogeneous streetwear style and aestheticism cleverly researched. All designs are functional, robust and original.

Carhartt wip excels in simple cuts with retro inspirations (cargo pants, shorts, long sleeve printed tee shirt, button down collar shirt, hooded sweatshirt, jeans, jackets, overalls). On a relatively large panel of colors (white, black, gray, navy ...). So do not be surprised when you buy if you see that the cotton pieces fit perfectly. The other vector of success of jackets, pants, shorts, shirts, jeans or sweatshirts with hooded collar, lies in the manufacturing process and the comfort of the piece. The label's products have, in fact, been able to adapt to its time.

Generally made of cotton to accentuate the comfort, the items (tee shirt, hat, pants, sweatshirt ...) prove to be practical to wear and essential. Each range of articles is carefully worked, even the hat is equipped with the best finishes. Obviously, in addition to the sometimes organic cotton (especially on the tee shirt) the brand explores other more technical materials that have nothing to envy to other brands. And that for a contained purchase price.

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