Carhartt WIP

Carhartt WIP is a branch of the american brand Carhartt . It is one of the first workwear companies created in Detroit by Hamilton Carhartt . WIP means " Work in Progress ", this label...
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Carhartt WIP is a branch of the american brand Carhartt. It is one of the first workwear companies created in Detroit by Hamilton Carhartt. WIP means "Work in Progress", this label based in Michigan draws its inspiration and from history. Their biggest strengths are their know-how and manufacture of workwear lines. This European branch was born 100 years after the creation of the parent company in Detroit. 


Carhartt WIP opened its first store in 1997 in London, now the brand is present all around the world. They gained success and notoriety through the years, from creating their first skateboarding and bmx teams in 1997 to launching their first women's collection in 2000. The label has expended their reach and fame through many collaborations, the label has collaborated with brands such as Nike, APC Clothing, Awake NY, VANS and Converse. These collaborations resulted in the creation of many accessories and articles such as a sweatshirt Carhartt WIP X VANS, a pair of shoes with Nike and Converse, a range of jacket,corduroy, beanie and hoodie with Awake NY. Aside from these collabs, Carhartt WIP's latest noteable action was the opening of a store in Paris in 2021, located in St-Germain-Des-Prés. The brand's logo looks like a rounded flashy yellow wave that is rotating. It symbolizes the ascention of the brand.

Hamilton Carhartt, the founder

Born in 1855 à Macedon in the state New York, he created Carhartt in 1884 which was at the time an office furniture. However, Hamilton understood a little bit later that in order to be successful, his business must have more diversity. So, he decided to create clothes dedicated speciallyto railway workers. In 1889, the company started to specialize in making clothes dedicated to workers. In 1900, the company has established itself in more than twenty countries in the US, Europe and Canada. Today, Carhartt is still a family-owned company attached to their mission of making the "best-in-class" clothes for workers.


Carhartt WIP is making a comeback  to the stage with an American workwear-inspired textile. The collection reveals a lot of sobriety, modernity and simplicity while keeping it fashion and trendy at the same time. The Newel pants make its comeback in a corduroy or blue and black denim version. On the other hand we have the Master pants in a rinsed version. The Michigan-based brand has not abondoned its streetwear origins. They offer more standart items for men such as the regular fit and utilitarian pants like the Newel and the Nord Sweat pants. We also have a set of tee shirts, sweatshirt, hoodie, and corduroy 100% made with cotton. Then, we have the jacket with the brand's logo embroidered on it, the cargo pant, the long sleeve printed tee shirt, shorts, hooded sweatshirts and more items. The collection is really based on the balance between the notion of "utility" present in the style of workers during the 80's, 90's and even 2000 and nowadays fashion touch. The most noteable colors are mostly black, brown, navy, green, white and khaki. 


True to its origins, the Michigan-based brand Carhartt WIP offers a very tasty range of clothes for men and women. Going from the average 9-5 worker, to skateboarders, to youngsters attracted to the hype and trends, the brand attracts a lot of persons from different areas by keeping it simple and desirable. Carhartt WIP excels in simple cuts with retro designs such as cargo pants, shorts, long sleeve printed tee shirt, hooded sweatshirts, hoodie, jacket, shoes and others accessories. These items have a large panel of colors (white, black, navy, brown, green, khaki and purple). The other reason why the jacket, sweatshirt, hoodie and tee shirt lies in their manufacturing process and the comfortability of the item. The products are more generally made entirely in cotton provide a better comfort to the buyer and the items ( hat, sweatshirt, pant) has been proved to be practical and long lasting. Carhartt WIP's clothing sale its articles for a contained purchase price.