Orslow is the specialist in combining Japanese know-how with American military clothing. Ichiro Nakutsu, designer and founder of the Orslow brand since 2005, had the idea of designing a garment made to last. Influenced by workwear, the military universe and the history of denim, he was directly inspired by the Levi's archives, in particular Ichiro Nakutsu's personal Big E collection. He was therefore very much influenced by this past era, but not yet over. He modernizes these mythical pieces while preserving what makes them classics.

Orslow is designed to be basic with incomparable comfort. For this FW20 season, Ichiro Nakutsu's Japanese brand is offering us parts that are still in the spirit of American workwear and military of the 70s. We still notice an exit from the road with trousers designed in linen instead of the denim so much appreciated by the brand. As usual, there are also denim and cotton jackets that are the perfect combination of comfort and durability.

For the new SS21 season, the Japanese brand reveals a collection of pants and denims with remarkable looks. Mixing the American style with the Japanese one,

Orslow makes original pants with military and workwear styles of the 70s. Then we mainly find the Easy cargo pants and 107 denims.

Japan is a country with a strong history in the textile world. The label therefore pays particular attention to the work of materials, colors and cuts, it will easily seduce a discerning eye. Although the brand offers a men's and a women's range, the work of cotton, jeans and other timeless, make transpire a Japanese DNA of impeccable quality.

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