Aries Arise is a streetwear brand created by the graphic designer Fergus Purcell ( aka Fergadelic ) and Sofia Prantera. The brand represents rap culture and non-conform raves. It represents the street culture in its rawest form, the underground. Sofia Prantera being born in Italy, it is where most of their fabrics are from. However the brand is based in London, it was created after Sofia moved out of Italy to study fashion. The way these two approach fashion is very unique. It's like they turned off their limits, they view fashion in a more experimentive way. The mix between elements that aren't compatible such as sober and flashy, class and street, fashion trends and anti-fashion is what makes Aries so unique and outstanding. Aries's philosophy represent very much the underdog mentality associated with their punk inspiration

A very large set of collections

For their Fall/Winter 2022 Collection, Aries Arise went for a project revolving around the concept of "devotion". It is a love message for their friends, fans, family and whoever roots for them. The collection comports a large set of sweatshirt with muffled colours such as flashy yellow, light blue, or even purple. We can still find their basic hoodies, shorts, shirt and socks in full black, white or grey. Besides that, Aries proposes a good set of sweatshirts with graphic designs, jeans pants and jackets, graphic designed cotton tee shirts others fashion accessories such as eyewear, women's bags or even socks for men. Most of Aries's clothing can be worn by men or women, most of their clothes has no gender since they are widely oversized.

For their Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection, Aries Arise proposed a new urban and vintage style. There is a very large set of colored sweatshirts, pants, shirts with customized sleeve or blue jeans. This collection includes a lot Aries Arise's logo which is a temple with Aries written inside. The logo is present on every single article and has been stylized a lot. 

We can found a ton of articles from the "Mini Problemo" collection in those FW22 and AW22 seasons. The famous Mini Problemo Collection and its simple design with "No Problemo" written on all the products. The collection is mostly constitued with sweatshirts, sweat shorts, sweatpants and muffled colored shirts. 

Aries Arise Collaborations

Aries Arise has made collaborations with a lot of different brands in the world. Going from a collab with RSF that resulted in a collection of streetwear glasses. We also have the Zed Havana, a futuristic collection made with Pure Beauty inspired by cannabis's psychedelic effects. We can also name some collaborations with big brands such as FILA with mostly black and white colours. On the other hand we have a collab with New Balance with black/white as dominant colours but this type they added some red to it. Aries dosn't limit themselves to collaborations with other clothing brands, they aim further, for exemple creating a limited edition bottle in Collaboration with Havana Club.

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