Goldwin is a Japanese brand specialized in outdoor clothing with a very technical aspect. Its design and philosophy have won over streetwear aficionados over the years. Created by Tosaku Nishida in 1958, the beginnings were made in the small town of Tsuzawa, renamed since Oyabe City. Very early, Goldwin specializes in waterproof hiking clothing, then during the ’60s the line focused on ski clothing and activities related to the mountain.

Resolutely tech wear, the company has gradually become known around the world for the quality of its clothing made in Japan. Although less famous than North Face, the Japanese company is no less the model. It is indeed one of the first technical sportswear brands that have reached the heart of a wider public. Also, as far as business is concerned, Goldwin is actually the owner of the distribution rights of North Face in Japan and South Korea. It also owns the rights to other timeless streetwear brands and is behind many successful collaborations.

On the new SS21 collection, perfect for mid-season, Goldwin, while continuing its path of a highly technical and high quality garment made in Japan, introduces a lifestyle and casual dimension. The stated goal of this new Spring Summer 2021 collection is to establish a link between nature and the urban dweller’s wardrobe. It is essential for the Japanese brand to offer a range of products that instill dynamism and a sense of movement. Inspired by skiing, the design is fluid to emphasize the aerodynamics and the feeling of speed you get on the slopes. Inspired by the peaks, Goldwin is a brand with a very strong philosophy. There’s no doubt that with the brand’s Gore-Tex jackets, shirts and blazers, you’ll find a deep connection with nature, even in the city. For example, the mountain dwellers zip-up hooded jacket in solid color is windproof and water repellent. Always in a slim fit and benefiting from a very good breathability, the label’s clothes constitute a high-flying dressing room.

Goldwin The Premium Japanese Sportswear.

Goldwin is a brand deeply rooted in a philosophy tinted with sport and open spaces. Taking root in a devastated post-war Japan, the Japanese label will expand over the decades to become a must-have in techwear and sportswear. We have dedicated an article to Goldwin, Goldwin The Premium Japanese Sportswear. We look back at the history and genesis of the brand, from its very beginnings to the conquest of the mountains and much more.

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