The Levi's® Vintage Clothing collection for men and women is inspired by American workwear and other iconic designs from the past century. While taking the cuts, structures and details of the latter. These garments are then among the most durable jeans and pay homage to the landmark art movements and memorable periods that developed and distinguished themselves through these jeans.

So for this new fall winter collection for men, Levi's Vintage Clothing is offering its 1954 series 501 jeans that promise authenticity with their unmistakable denim fabrics with premium cottons. In addition, Levi's also offers its 1950's sportswear collection tees, which simply offer a timeless vision of vintage sports. A sub-label cousin of Levi's Made & Crafted, LVC focuses on renewing history.

Levi's Vintage Clothing, a Collection of Clothing at the Hearts of History

168 years. That's 168 years of history and archives that Levi's represents. Including nearly a century of denim market dominance. Every year, in the brand's archives, new pieces accumulate. More than 20,000 garments, from simple blue jeans to tee shirts and shirts. All this accumulated wealth now serves the sub-label Levi's Vintage Clothing. With each new collection, the brand's designers draw from this extraordinary pool to present the world with a reinterpretation of these legendary pieces. Thus, one collection will echo the men who built the New York of the 1930s, while others will trace the beginnings of rock in the 1950s. Through the influence of Levi's, you will wear more than just jeans, more than just a shirt or sweatshirt. You'll be wearing clothes with a story. Clothes that have been at the heart of the evolution of the US and the world.

The Levi's Vintage Clothing jeans.

The LVC label, which doesn't forget tee shirts and sweatshirts, obviously specializes in denim. It is obvious that any man or woman who is passionate about denim would like to rediscover the great evolutions of the latter. Thus, the offer of the LVC label allows to offer pieces that had become extremely rare, and at very high prices. Today, for a perfect quality/price ratio, everyone can afford a pair of Levi's 501 jeans from 1954! The assurance of having in your hands a robust, resistant product, and faithful to the original made in usa models!

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