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Butter Goods is a brand that was created in 2008 in Perth, Australia . The creation of the label resulted from the initiative of a group of skateboarders as they are fewer and fewer...
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Butter Goods is a brand that was created in 2008 in Perth, Australia. The creation of the label resulted from the initiative of a group of skateboarders as they are fewer and fewer clothing brands owned by skateboarders. Butter Goods is a skateboarding clothing brand created by skaters. A whole range of authentic skateboarding clothing without frills, designed for practicality will emerge. Butter Goods makes high quality clothes for an abordable price. The label was founded by Garth Mariano and his partner Matt Evans.


Butter Goods proposes a range of clothes adapted to skateboarding. This menswear clothing label has a large panel of products available in different colortypes such as regular tee shirts ( black, white, grey), denim pants and jeans, hoodies, sweaters ( beige, indigo), cap (green, blue)  and others accessories with a simple logo "BUTTER" that they stylize according the collections. Butter Goods prioritize the use of cotton fabrics to preserve the quality and the comfort of the products. The label's way to make clothes is authentic, limitless and audacious, just some real authentic skateboarding stuff. Although the brand was originially made for men, a lot of women started being attracted to the streetwear and skater's style of clothing more commonly called "swag".


Butter Goods is nowadays considered as a powerhouse in skateboarding apparels and equipment but also in streetwear. The brand was heavily inspired by jazz music, hip hop and skateboarding culture. Butter Goods has opened a retail shop in their hometown named Lo-fi. It is a place where they sell their products but not just theirs, they also have other brands such as Carhartt WIP, Champions and more. The brand finds its inspiration from music, rap, skate. 

The brand's first launch highlighted their creativity. They used screen graphics printed on their tee shirts, hoodies and some of their pants. This led the brand's demand to grow a lot so they launched their very first official collection later. The idea was to bring a laid-back funky graphic style vibe to the items.


Butter Goods proposes us through their entire collections, ranges of clothes with some very good details. For exemple the logo of the brand can be modified according to the design or even be suppressed to give more places to the graphic pattern such as flower all over the shirt or a sort of tag covering the entire item. The colortypes of the items are very diverse, going from tee shirt (regular fit or slim fit), pants, cap, denim jeans and shorts to hoodie, pullover, crewneck sweaters, beanie we can find dark colors such as black, grey and indigo. We can also find on the other hand brighter colors such as blue, white, green. The articles are available in different size starting from XXS to XL.


Inside our article, we present Butter Goods's collection for Summer and Spring 2022. For this season, the Australian label offers us a panel of pants ( denim jeans, gym pants or regular pants), sweatshirts and sweaters, tee shirt ( 100% cotton), pullover, cardigan, shorts and corduroy with large cut, bright and light colors ( blue, green, white, indigo, black) and some original graphic designs. Some more informations about the brand's collections are available by clicking here "Butter Goods SS22 : Skate & Ambiance 90's"


Butter Goods made a lot of notable collaborations arboring multiples styles but always connected to the skateboarding universe. It can get really flashy for exemple Butter Goods X Puma made a collaboration dedicated to skateboarding including a large panel of item. Among those item we can find some tee shirts with both labels logos, hoodie and sweatshirts designed simply with both logos present on the product and some vivid colors such as indigo, mauve and forest green. They also produced a common sneaker named the Puma X Butter Goods Low Slipstream and available in many colorways such as beige/black and white/purple. The brand also collaborated with the brand Kangol to produce a set of sweaters, beanie, hoodie, knit and tee shirts. The collection is based on a very minimalist design and two dominant colors, navy and white. Butter Goods made a lot of collaborations with diverses brands to propose the best products and item possible to their customers, these collaborations includes brands such as Peanuts and HUF Worldwide.