Mizuno is a brand of clothing access on the creation of piece intended for the sport. The history of Mizuno begins in 1906, it was founded by Rihachi Mizuno and his brother Rizo Mizuno in Osaka, Japan. Rihachi was then a baseball enthusiast, he then began to create shoes dedicated to the practice of this sport. After the development of pairs, Mizuno started in 1913 to create gloves and balls to extend its range.

After making a name for itself in baseball, Mizuno expanded into other sports by starting to manufacture pairs for athletics, which became an important branch of the brand. The brand had a recognized high potential, that's why, it will open in 1938 a scientific laboratory to be at the forefront of technology in their fields of expertise.

The pair that will really have a worldwide repercussion and that will put the brand at the forefront would be the "M-line" in 1972. At that time Mizuno will release them with a logo that is not the current one the "RunBird" which will arrive when 1981, the brand was previously criticized for their logo too similar to that of Adidas. The RunBird of Mizuno represents the Geocuckoo then made famous by the Road Runner of Warner Bros. This bird was not chosen at random, for the brand, it is a symbol of speed, strength and flexibility, which are the necessary qualities of a high level runner. It will be honored in the shoes "RunBird Athletics" released in 1983, which will be greeted by the critics and will sell very well.

At the technological level, the brand really came out of the game, firstly thanks to their pair of shoes "Morelia" which is then considered as a featherweight and a real technological feat made possible thanks to their famous laboratory that helps their technological advances.

In 1990, in search of a precision then unmatched for the technology of their shoes, the brand will standardize the design by computer.

In 1998, Mizuno patented the grain flow which allows to preserve the grain of natural metals and that they will use largely in their advances towards the sport of golf.

We can see that the brand has always sought to innovate and be at the forefront of technology in all sports, which will allow it to equip many athletes and be recognized as a reference as Nike its direct competitor.

From sports partnership will forge the brand to the top, it has become the official equipment of the Osaka Marathon, has also equipped great athletes like Sergios Ramos in soccer, Serge Girard in running, Carl Lewis in athletics and many others.

What is incredible about this brand is that if you do some research you will find that it has equipped athletes from all walks of life, not just baseball. Whether it's trails, rugby, track and field, or soccer, everyone recognizes the power of the brand's technology, making it an ideal choice for both men and women.

Some shoes from our Mizuno selection

The Contender from Mizuno

The Contender is an archival silhouette that comes directly from the 1995 running catalog. It was a lightweight style characterized by stability and support, originally designed for runners who were looking for good cushioning for on or off road running. On this revisited model, we find cork on the logo. 

The wave prophecy 8 LS from Mizuno

The Wave Prophecy 8 LS are high-end running shoes manufactured by the Japanese company Mizuno. The eighth generation of this shoe line is designed to provide maximum cushioning and support for universal stride runners. One of the most notable features of these shoes is their "Wave Prophecy" midsole technology, which uses a wave-shaped plate to distribute the impact of running efficiently. According to Mizuno, this helps reduce joint pain and gives a smoother running feel. In addition, these shoes feature Infinity Wave midsole technology that provides additional cushioning for universal stride runners. The Wave Prophecy 8 LS also feature a breathable mesh upper for optimal support and comfort, as well as an X10 rubber outsole for long-lasting traction and wear resistance. In terms of design, the Wave Prophecy 8 LS are sleek and modern, with subdued colorways and bright accents. The shoes are also lightweight, weighing in at just 305 grams for a size 9 shoe, making them ideal for runners of all levels.

The wave rider 10 from Mizuno

The Japanese label Mizuno presents its attractive "Fishing Pack". Comprised of three of the brand's most popular models, the pack honors the idyllic and whimsical setting of Japan's fishing towns, drawing inspiration from the water and its ever-changing shape. The Mizuno Wave rider 10 finalizes the pack with its Wave technology, a thermoplastic insert sandwiched between the midsole and outsole for a cushioned dual stride. Mesh suede and soft mesh accents are the materials of choice for this stylish construction, with Runbird badges adorning the brand's heritage fit.

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