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APC , whose real name is "Atelier de Production et de Création" , is a clothing company founded in 1987 in Paris by Jean Touitou . The goal was to create simple and minimalist jeans of...
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APC, whose real name is "Atelier de Production et de Création", is a clothing company founded in 1987 in Paris by Jean Touitou. The goal was to create simple and minimalist jeans of high quality. The first APC pants, made from high quality Japanese denim, quickly gained popularity, as they were sewn and cut according to traditional and vintage American standards, and the brand's price/quality ratio quickly rose above that of its competitors.

What is the evolution of APC

Over time, the brand has kept the same recipe of jeans, always leaving an important place to the simplicity and the price, reaching then the informed as well as the beginners.
Although A.P.C. was first associated with raw denim, the brand offers a complete collection of clothing and accessories for men and women that embody a stylish and casual look. The brand has made a conscious decision not to just make jeans by launching special collections like in 2011 with their quilt collection which was the first to stand out from the crowd followed by an array of vintage clothing and bags of all kinds which is now really a part of the brand.

The brand now has many collaborations to its credit, both for jeans and other products with brands like: Asics, Lacoste or even Sacai. This shows its influence as much in jeans as in clothing in general.

Some information on the apc jeans sold by our men's wardrobe offered both in delivery and in our store  

According to our models, the purchasable sizes go from 27 to 36. If you want a tight pair of jeans, we recommend that you take one size smaller than your usual size, as they tend to become looser after the first few days of use.

Below is a presentation of the :

- Martin jeans
- Small standard pants
- New standard 
- Marian h washed indigo jeans

The Martin Jeans

The Martin jean is different from other APC models because of its slimmer cut. They are considered one of the most popular styles because of their modern and elegant look. The Martin Jeans are known to be comfortable and durable and can be worn with everyday clothes. In terms of its composition, it is made of 100% cotton. There is also a button engraved ''A.P.C. rue Madame près du Luxembourg'' at the belt. Several colors are available as blue, black or indigo, it will be easy to find your happiness.

The Petit Standard

The Petit Standard is also manufactured according to the same standards as the Martin, but differs in its regular cut. It is the most suitable if you are looking for a more comfortable and classic pant with wider legs. These jeans are designed to be your life partner and accompany you every day. It will easily find its place in your wardrobe. It is also made of 100% cotton, which guarantees a certain comfort of use.

The New standard 

If you're looking for a wider fit, the right jeans would be the New Standard which, following the Petit Standard, was created to offer an even more relaxed style thanks to its cut. These pants are the straightest of the three presented, which gives them a certain originality.

Marian h Washed indigo jeans

These jeans are a must-have from the French clothing brand. With its slim fit and raw washed denim, it embodies the casual elegance that is the signature of A.P.C. This jean is made of 100% cotton denim and washed beforehand. They feature a straight fit, embroidered "A.P.C." logo on the left sleeve.

Washing advice 

It is advised to wash in machine at 30 °C, with the delicate program without spinning with black Woolite. By searching on the Internet you will easily find an article of our brand on the subject so as not to wear your pants, do not hesitate to ask in store, better to be too careful than not enough.

General conservation information

The quality of APC brand jeans means that you will be able to keep your pieces for many years, especially if you have followed Graduate's washing advice, which justifies the price of these exceptional materials. As they age, each pair of jeans will become unique by becoming more distressed in certain areas, which is an integral part of the APC style.