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Winter is coming... APC said. To survive the coldest days of the year, one must be equipped. Rain and wind can be very frustrating, but with a good quality coat on, it becomes an easy challenge...
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Winter is coming...APC said. To survive the coldest days of the year, one must be equipped. Rain and wind can be very frustrating, but with a good quality coat on, it becomes an easy challenge to overcome. Everyone has that one jacket that's been following them for years, like a loyal and trustworthy steed. No matter how hard you try to find alternatives, there is always this one brand you come back to. Your go-to. And during winter, that brand can become a real deal-maker, as the days get colder, shorter, darker. Your ally is your coat, jacket, trench or mac. 

They keep you away from cold, that's for sure, but more than that, a coat or jacket is the one way to top off your outfit. It's the cherry on the pie. With a classic Paris-chic look, APC has taken this stance very seriously. A variety of coats, for men and women, is offered to us by the french brand, high quality and style on point. 

APC clothes are like a white canvas. The quality of the items, added to the minimalistic designs, gives you the freedom to be who you are through an elegant and simple wardrobe. On one hand, you feel like topping off your layered and highly detailed outfit with a great APC coat, and on the other, keeping it simple, you put your trusted APC jacket with the famous dark blue new standard jeans. Both are possible, APC gives no rules or expectations on its users.

The APC Coat for Men

Like jeans and sweatshirts, APC coats are a must-have for men (and women!). Nothing is more elegant than a nice pair of indigo pants, a sweater with a nice material, and an APC coat with houndstooth pattern. The color beige will be quite casual, while black and a darker blue could be reserved for more formal occasions.

How APC Coats Fit

In our article Size Guide: How to Size APC Coats for Men and Women? Our advice. we return to the size of APC clothing. It should be noted that it all depends on which product you choose. A jacket that stops at the waist does not by definition have the same sizing as coats. But we can say that the label of Jean Touitou is true to size. Moreover, the quality of manufacture, the material used (wool or cotton) make that the product will move only very little in time. We recommend you to take your usual size, or even better to take your measurements and to make them correspond with the desired product.

Coat, Jacket, Parka or Mac?

By "coat" we mean overcoat, parka, trench or mac. These are clothes that come down below the waist, often made of cotton or wool, and that will protect from the cold. The jackets are to be classified in another category because it stops at the waist and they have a zipper. In this, they are different from the jacket and the overshirt. 

The APC Coat

The APC coat or overcoat is a classic for men and women. Ideally knee-length, it is made of a woolen fabric, and combined with beautiful clothes it is the height of elegance. We recommend the Ethan coat, in a soft and felted wool, or the Jacques, all in black and in an Italian material mixing wool and cashmere. Pair it with a nice pair of pants, a mesh sweater and dressy shoes.

The APC Jacket

The APC jacket is for the adventurous, especially if you choose the black faux leather aviator model. Cut at the waist, like the jacket, it's best paired with jeans to reinforce its sportswear style.

The APC Parka

With its hood, its zipper and button closure, and its water repellent coating, the parka is the perfect garment to protect yourself from the rain. Made in Europe, the Mathieu parka in a mottled khaki color is the best way to spend a dry winter.

The APC Mac

Finally, the mac, just as refined as the overcoat, is one of the ideal garments to display an affirmed style. As much worn by a man as by a woman, it usually has interesting patterns, such as the houndstooth for the Emilien model. To break up its dressy look, we recommend wearing it with a hoodie, and to replace dressy shoes, a good pair of sneakers. So, coat, jacket or parka, there is something for everyone!