Keeping the design simple is often not easy. It takes great skill to distill something down to its most basic form. Many things are often sold with a long list of alleged life-changing properties.

The history of fatigues pants, originally military clothing

Fatigue pants are a good example. Very resistant olive cotton satin, often faded, four patch pockets, two belt loops... the perfect recipe.
The origin of the fatigue pants, goes back to 1952, after the second world war and while the cold war begins to settle. It is then that the American army begins to review its uniform.
It all starts with the fabric, the famous OG-107 cotton, cotton sateen 8.5 oz, with a very typical olive color (in simple terms OG = olive green).

The name of the fabric has a capital importance because it will become little by little the name to give to the complete uniform, constituted of a jacket / shirt and the famous "fatigue pant" of which we count the history here. The purpose of this uniform is then to be practical and comfortable not to interfere with the movements of soldiers.
This uniform was so comfortable that it is the one that lasted the most in time (from 1952 to 1989).
This can be explained by the fact that they are perfect for tropical climates because of their lightness, so ideal for the Vietnam war in which they were legion.

These pants were at the time designed for the military, but it was mass produced, so that people looking for a comfortable pants could easily buy it, this quickly made it very popular in fashion, so much so that many Japanese brands have made it a real classic of their collections by reinterpreting it regularly.

The tired pants had several factors and groups that made them really popular, the first were the anti-Vietnam war protesters in America who wore them next to old equipment shirts. They were not the only ones, some American climbers decided at that time to also adopt these pants (like the infamous Stonemasters of California).

The fatigue pant, to then represent the people wanting to get rid of the consumer society, what made them famous in the community of the hippies of San Francisco or the punks of London, that can be linked to their very affordable price.

Like the OG-107 shirts they were originally designed to be worn with, these unassuming pants, designed with function firmly in mind, have unintentionally outlived their original purpose, becoming counterculture classics.

The fatigue pant is often compared to its brother the cargo which comes from the British army in the 1930s, both pants represent the style of streatwear today to you see which you prefer.

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