Il bussetto

Il Bussetto is a brand of Italian leather goods. Founded in 2004 by Mauro Gobbi in Milan, which was inspired by Tuscan craft techniques, all products are handmade with the famous tanned leather "Cuoio" extremely refined vegetable. This meticulous method of working where leather is molded on wooden models gives a neat and clean look to small items with no seams. Mauro does not only want to use ancestral methods for his creations, he especially wishes to adapt them to the requirements of contemporary life: "The beautiful range of Il Bussetto today is the result of the vision of its founder, it reflects his efforts meticulous to achieve the highest standards of quality, so that each customer can be certain to carry something unique and precious with him. "

The Il Bussetto collection, very complete in terms of leather goods, consists of card holders, wallets, telephone cases or the famous round wallet which has become the centerpiece of the brand. They also have a collection for travel, cigarette doors and impeccable handbags.

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