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How to size Birkenstock?

Since the worldwide success of the two-strap Arizona model, the German brand has become a benchmark in comfortable, lightweight footwear. If you're lucky enough to own a pair of Birkenstock, you'll be able to experience real comfort. We all have different shaped feet, but with Birkenstock, you have the opportunity to own a pair of shoes that feel like they were custom made for you.

So how to size Birkenstock is a very good question and here is our ultimate guide to finding the right shoe for you!

Know your foot size

To find out your Birkenstock shoe size without a foot gauge, simply take two sheets of A4 paper, a pen and a ruler. After placing your foot on the sheet of paper with the heel against a wall, first make a mark in front of the longest toe. This will give you the length of footbed you need. To ensure that the Birkenstock footbed is optimized, add 10 mm to this length to give your foot room to move.

For width, make two marks at the widest part of your foot, just before the toes start. This will give you an idea of your sole.

Two widths, there is something for everyone!

To enjoy the comfort of this famous footbed, it is necessary that your feet have some space to move. The sole must therefore fit the arch of your foot without constricting it. In general, the normal fit is suitable, but if you feel that your foot is not supported and that the straps do not help, then we recommend the narrow fit.

Optimal fit

To ensure that your foot is well positioned, we recommend that you have some room in your Birkenstock. In the back, a 5mm gap is recommended between your heel and the edge of the footbed. In the front, 10 mm is enough to give your foot room to sway during the step.

You should also consider the straps. For an optimal fit, when the lower strap is closed, leave 5 mm between it and the instep. For the upper strap, 10 mm of clearance will be sufficient. This gap is recommended to ensure sufficient ease and comfort when swinging. The space will then be reduced without coming out of the shoe.

Note that the straps on the right and left foot are not necessarily set identically depending on your strong foot.

Good shoes, an anatomical footbed and a proper fit are the foundation for healthy feet. A well-fitting Birkenstock will prevent foot pain, pressure points or malposition.

Break them in!

To get that custom fit result, you need to take the time to break in your Birkenstocks. You can consider your sandals broken in once your feet make a mark on the insole. At this point, you can walk a long distance without ever feeling it. Break in your Birkenstocks slowly, and they will be the most comfortable shoes you have ever worn.

To sum up, we can only encourage you to follow the tips in this guide to choosing your Birkenstock! If you're not sure, don't hesitate to contact us or come and try them on in our boutique in the heart of Bordeaux. We will be happy to help you choose your Birkenstock.

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