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How to spot a fake Arc'Teryx ?

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Arc'Teryx is a Canadian company offering classic sportswear that was established in 1991. The label specializes in the design of Gore-Tex garments and offers the general public very high quality technical equipment for mountain environments and sports. However, the manufacturer favors a pure, timeless and minimalist design in order to be able to dress in an urban environment. That's why we wrote a paper Our opinion on Arcteryx clothing and accessories to present you all the facets of this label. Today the brand continues to excel in high-end mountain, ski and climbing clothing while constantly improving the materials of its products for a breathable collection, enjoying good insulation, great resistance and durability.

Symbolized by the Archaeopteryx, the label is known for its innovative jackets signed by the technologies of the company W. L Gore and Associates. Unparalleled performance and lightness in the face of adverse weather conditions, extreme temperatures and high humidity, on high quality garments with intuitive design, that's the Canadian way. Whether it's a coat, down jacket or parka, your investment in a product from the label will quickly pay off.

How to recognize a fake Arc'Teryx ?

The success and the quality of the label make a lot of noise and logically attract imitation. We can see this as a kind of praise for the label, but it is much less good for the consumer. Product imitations are common and extremely faithful to the real thing.

They are found on fraudulent websites that sometimes resemble the authentic to such a high degree that one must be extremely vigilant about the details. Even though the label constantly monitors online auction sites and those offering the brand's products, it is not impossible to fall into the trap. That's why we're going to give you some tips on how to avoid scams.

First of all, the majority of counterfeit products are easily recognizable by observing the different points we will show you below. Unfortunately, there are some models that are more difficult to detect. We recommend you to be particularly careful when you buy the following models:

  • Gamma MX Coat
  • Gamma LT Coat
  • Cerium LT Coat
  • Thorium AR Coat
  • Atom AR Hooded Coat

The different key points to check :

As a priority, to distinguish authentic Arc'Teryx products you just need to look at a few specific points.

First, check if the famous Archaeopteryx on the chest is clean with tight seams. Also compare the logo print to see if it is identical to the original and, of course, if the name is spelled correctly.

Fake logo

Next, the label's products have YKK or Vislon zippers, so check the writing on them.

Another very distinctive part to check is the technicality of the microseams. The label features high quality textiles and finishes. If your garment does not have a narrow, soft, "clean" microseam, chances are it is a counterfeit.

Fake finitions

Finally, checking the label is an excellent way to verify the authenticity of the product because the label meets an identical standard for all.

Fake label

After having done all these checks, you will be able to discern the fraudulent products, but if you still have a doubt, do not hesitate to have it appraised by the label.

How to recognize fake sites.

First of all, if you don't want to take any risks, only surf on official websites:

  • https://www.arcteryx.com
  • https://www.veilance.com
  • https://leaf.arcteryx.com
  • https://corporate.arcteryx.com
  • https://outlet.arcteryx.com

This way, you will be sure not to make a mistake. However, if you go to an Arc'Teryx retailer, do not hesitate to inquire beforehand with the function "find a retailer" which appears on the product pages. It is also possible to contact directly the label to ask them the question. Arc'Teryx is very attentive and watchful on the subject of the counterfeit, they will know how to help you at best.

Also, do not rely 100% on sites containing enticing words showing a significantly low price like 'liquidation'. When the price or the offer is too good, there is often something wrong.

Before making any purchase, check the seller's contact information carefully, as fraudulent websites rarely provide an e-mail address, mailing address or telephone number.

What to do about counterfeiting ?

If you are a victim of counterfeiting or if you have found a website selling fake Arc'Teryx, the label has a messaging system at your disposal in order to try to solve this problem. All is not lost in case of purchase because the label will be able to provide you with a certificate which will allow you, according to your country of residence, to start the refund procedure.

The label is very active in the fight against fraud and proposes great means to prevent fraud and to accompany the victims. If however despite all our advices you keep doubts about a retailer, take the time to contact the Arc'Teryx customer service which will be pleased to inform you about the retailer and to give you the green light or not for your purchase.