Autry, the Awakening of a Sneaker's Icon


After 20 years of inactivity, the sneakers brand AUTRY is making a remarkable comeback. With a rich history, the iconic model from the 80s is making a comeback on the international market to the delight of vintage sneaker lovers.


80’s: a promising start

Created in 1982 in Texas, the brand with the American flag was very quickly noticed by the specialized media, such as Tennis Magazine, who in 1985 referred the Medalist by Autry as the best sneaker, both in terms of design and technicality of the model. In 1987 it was the turn of Runner’s World magazine to praise the brand, rating the Jetstreamers model with the highest score, 5 stars.

Regis Billart, the man behind this awakening

In 2019, the brand is taken over by French fans of the historic model, Alberto Raengo and Régis Billard. Régis Billard will declare: “When Nike and Reebok were able to develop in the 80s, Autry was mothballed after the death of its founder, Jim Autry. Autry is the less is more approach to footwear, the alliance between North American nostalgia and European know-how that sets it apart from other sneakers. »


Autry a Sneaker’s with Efficient Retro Aesthetic

A minimalist unisex design to suit all styles, this is what makes Autry’s strength. You can wear it with jeans, a chino, shorts, a skirt or a dress, this sneaker will enhance all your favorite looks. The Medalist model is an everyday foot, it is the small basketball of the everyday life that we do not want to leave so much the comfort is pleasant. To sum up, face to wear, easy to tune and very comfortable. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what you need.

A discreet and pleasant pair to rock, simply adorned with the emblematic American flag of the brand, that’s all that Autry Action Shoes represents.

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