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How to Size Autry ?

autry size guide

After having a very succefull time during the 80’s and the 90’s, the brand Autry Shoes has announced its return after 20 years of inactivities. The American brand from Dallas received the prize for the best sneaker of the year in 1985 by Tennis Magazine for their pair of white Medalist. The classical and retro shoes are regaining a lot of popularity these last years thanks to the purists that are searching for simple, stylized and comfortable sneakers. The pairs of shoes considered as “classics” have a lot more value nowadays than before. Today, Autry brand offers a huge set of sneakers such as the Medalist, but also others models that are more recent like the Wb12 and 13, the Autry ce01 and ls23. The question that we are going to ask ourselves in this article is how does Autry sizes its shoes ?


First of all, it is important to know that Autry sizes it shoes according to the European sizing system that usually size large. If you can’t choose between two sizes, we advise you to go for the size below because leather can expand as times goes by. The pair of Medalist is well-known among the fans of american equipments, the shoes has survived through different eras without going out of fashion, they are timeless. These pairs of shoes arboring the amercian flag as logo offers its style to anyone wearing them, it means that our question isn’t really about “how do you wear them?” but more of “how do you choose them well?” and that’s exactly what we are going to answer. We already know that Autry is known for sizing its shoes large, it is possible to have a certain size that is too big for your foot, and the size down below might be too tight. Our advice would be to go to a shop so you can choose between different sizes.


how to size autry

Whatever it is for women or men, Autry usually size its sneakers large. However we advise you not to go for an upper size if your foot is well adjusted to the shoes. This advice goes for most shoes from the women collection.

Why is it important to choose wisely your sneakers ?

We all buy sneakers for different reasons, some of us buy them for their style and designs, some others buy them for the brand, some buy them out of necessity and some out of love. We adjust our choices according to these reasons, but what does it means exactly ? Let’s take the exemple of someone who is looking for a sneaker that would blent with most of his clothes and resistant, that person is most likely going to go for a white or black sneaker with a simple design and long lasting. On the other hand, a person that is searching for a sneaker that is going to be worn only with a specific outfit is going to adjust its choice to the outfit ( color, style, era). Some buy sneakersfor what they represent, just like basketball fans with Air Jordan and Nike, or athletism and running fans with Puma and Adidas.


There is a lot of factors that you have to consider in order to make the right choice. First is the utility of the pair, what are you buying them for ? Sports ? Style ? For sports shoes, we think it is preferable to go for a size upper than usual since studies has proved that the foot gain in volume after an effort, so you might feel a little tight after sports if you can for the standard size you are used to. Then, there’s the question of tendencies, is it trendy ? Is it going to ade away in less than 7 months ? The others factors than can help you to choose the right pair is your height and your weight.

autry sizing big or small

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