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Where to Buy Autry ?

Autry Action Shoes has managed to become one of the most famous brands in the United States in a short time. The label, inspired by the clothing style of the 80s and 90s, has added a number of new models to its collection since the arrival of Alberto Raengo and his collaborators. The majority of Autry's shoes are made of leather, and suede can also be found on a number of sneakers. Among the most famous pairs of the American brand, the most sought after pair is the iconic Autry Medalist. The new owners of the brand have dedicated themselves to transforming the sneaker company into a complete and modern lifestyle brand. This has pushed Autry Action Shoes to expand its product line to include a range of apparel such as hoodies, sweaters with simple, yet fashionable designs. The label also started producing accessories such as Autry bags, caps and hats. The label's trademark is present on all of its products to remind us of the distant origins of the brand created by Jim Autry.

Autry Action Shoes Medalist


Among the most famous sneakers of the brand, the most famous is the Autry Medalist. With a classic tennis shoe design, the shoe can be adapted to many other activities such as running and athletics. The shoe made its mark when it was first released and won the title of best sneaker of the year by Tennis Magazine in 1985. Timeless, it has survived the years without losing its charm and remains to this day one of the most sought after classic sneakers in the world. Made entirely of leather, the sneaker no longer needs to prove itself about its quality and durability. Starting with this sneaker, Autry Shoes has taken inspiration from the Medalist for many of its creations by adding different colors and a touch of novelty, these creations include models such as the Autry II47, the Autry Ls43 and II48. The brand also took inspiration from the Medalist for the Autry Wb12 and Wb13. These models are available in stores and online.

Autry Medalist & Chaussettes Autry


The North American brand is not limited to being present on the whole American territory. Indeed, Autry Shoes sneakers are present in 145 stores in France. From Lille, Paris, Marseille and even Bordeaux, you can find Autry in sneaker shops or resellers. The brand also has an online store where you can directly access whether you live in Bordeaux, Paris or elsewhere in France. On their website you will find the complete range of Autry sneakers to discover and rediscover. If we take the city of Bordeaux and you are looking for Autry shoes, you will inevitably come across our shop The Graduate Store, a real institution in Bordeaux. Among the main Autry retailers in Bordeaux, Graduate Store offers a wide selection of pairs ranging from the classic Medalist to the Dallas and even the Open. In short, if you are in Bordeaux and want to buy a pair of Autry, a stop at Graduate seems to be just right.

The Graduate Store Bordeaux

You can have access to our range of products by Autry Action Shoes by clicking here "Autry Shoes for men and women".

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