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Where are the Autrys made?

Autry Action Shoes is an american sneaker brand created in Texas, more precisely in Dallas, the brand was created by Jim Autry in 1982. After having a huge success during its beginning, the sneaker label spent 20 years in inactivity. Since none of Jim Autry’s descendants wanted to take over their father’s heritage, it was Alberto Raengo and his two associates Marco Doro and Gino Zarelli who managed to bring its life back to Autry Action Shoes.

Where does Autry Shoes come from ?

Autry Action is a sneaker label for men, women and kids with ideals and designs purely american. This style 100% USA attracted a lot of sneaker fan from all around the world by reflecting the American Dream with iconic figures such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or even Serena Williams. Because of the fact that not everyone can afford a trip to the USA, having a pair of Autry Shoes on your feet would makes you feel more american than ever. In fact, each visible detail present on the shoe is a reference to America, the logo of the brand represent the American flag. Autry has a collection of diverses sneakers very renowned, among these pairs of shoes we can find the Jetstreamers and the white Medalist crowned “Best Low Top Sneakers in the world” by The Runner’s Magazine. The style of the brand based on the 80’s and the 90’s vintage and retro designs. These designs gave birth to a lot of new models. The brand didn’t limit itself to find its place back in the sneaker world, Autry started to produce sweaters, jackets, tee shirts or hoodies. The brand also started to sell some accessories such as hats and beanies.

Where are Autry Shoes manufactured ?

Autry is an entirely american label, however the production is located in Indonesia. In fact, the production cost are very adventagous and the location makes it possible for them to mix the fabrics to make some high quality products. Most of Autry’s shoes are made with smooth or cracked leather. Sneakers made in Indonesia offers an non-slip capacity to the soles and some others caracteristics such as prickly soles.

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