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Stone Island Colorama


“Wearing Stone Island is addictive” should precede this article.
Stone Island is known for its unique colors designed in the label’s laboratories in Italy. The Italian brand’s credo is to always innovate with the LAB. From this entity were born several technologies and processes in the field of dyes.

Every season, the Stone Island lookbook is an explosion of colors, and above all, don’t take them for novices, each season has its own colours. The Lavanda, Salmone, Bordeaux, Stucco of the summer have given way to the Avio, Ghiaccio, Senape or Granata of this Autumn/Winter 2018.


Avio, spirituality

The Avio colour, which literally means “aviation”, clearly refers to the blue colour of the sky. However, it is not a blue hue, because it is closer to grey blue, which means the colours that can be seen at sunset. Stone Island shows us by this subtlety that their color names are not chosen at random and with a certain amount of poetry.

Granata, the passion

“Boh, it’s Burgundy! “Well, no, little man, compare the two sides and you’ll soon realize that the Granata is much brighter, more like blood red. It is one of the strong colors of this season because it is as chic as it is sporty. Whether on velvet, nylon or sweatshirt, this dark and lively shade will convince fans of colorful outfits! It’s up to you to judge.

Nero, the intensity

Black is black, this phrase popularized by the “late” Johnny Halliday, is not entirely true. Put a rinsed black next to the intense black of Stone Island and you will understand what I am talking about. The piece is dyed after manufacture, which means that the sweater is designed before being immersed in the dye. This may seem trivial, but the part is much less manipulated before being sent to the retailer and thus keeps its shine. This is reflected in the white labels, which are also slightly colored in this way.

Ghiaccio, the lightness

Ghiaccio means “ice cream” in Italian, but is it a light grey or a bluish white? “Who cares” you may say to me, but not precisely, because the strength of the Italian brand is its strength, colors for some indescribable. You could tell your friend that you saw a beautiful light grey hoodie, he won’t expect that and will be surprised once the room is in front of you.

Senape, audacity

The Senape color is well named because it translates as mustard in Italian. It is therefore a dark yellow, conducive to a resolutely modern silhouette. Yellow has always been an important color in the Stone Island collections, between this summer’s Giallo and this season’s Senape, the brand offers interesting shades of yellow.

Roza Quarz, the favorite

This is the favorite of the Graduate team, a hybrid color between brown and pink. It could almost be compared to a lighter rust color. It simply refers to a stone with therapeutic virtues, the Pink Quartz, which is supposed to recharge our energy and develop our spirituality and emotions. When you’re told there’s depth at Stone Island, it’s not bullshit.

Verde Oliva, la determination

Olive Green as you will certainly have understood it thanks to your innate gifts in foreign languages. This colour reflects the brand’s interest in the military world. A brand that manufactures good outerwear, technical, aesthetic and functional clothing is necessarily inspired by the miltary outfit.

You know everything, and you will certainly have understood our love for this brand. Materials that border on perfection, a unique dyeing method and designs that are both pure and modern.

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