How does stone island fit ?

The Italian Label Stone Island is today a key player in contemporary fashion. Known and recognized for its textile innovations, the techwear brand offers us each season pieces with a unique style. It is one of the few brands to dare to use color on techwear products.

Since its launch, Stone Island (operated by Massimo Osti) has distinguished itself by appropriating tarpaulins from military trucks to create a collection of seven coats. Since then, the brand has distinguished itself by pushing back its creative limits to become one of the most innovative brands in the textile industry. Between innovation and premium materials, the Italian company continues to surprise us and is constantly developing new creations that are ever more ingenious and high-performance.


The technologies deployed by Stone Island are unique and highlight some of the conceptual subtleties that are sometimes felt in sizing. Knowing how to size Stone Island is therefore necessary to better understand the different designs proposed by the Italian brand. We will therefore approach the subject of sizing in a rather exhaustive way. It will concern the t-shirt, the sweater, the jacket, the cap as well as the Stone Island pants.

How does the Stone Island t-shirt size?

We are frequently asked how does the Stone Island t-shirt size ? They are very usually designed to be worn close to the body. For those who like a straight cut, we recommend choosing a size above the one you usually take. You can of course choose two extra sizes for an oversize style. Please note that this piece is made from a very light cotton. It will become more comfortable over time.


How does the Stone Island sweater size?

The Compass is not just a techwear brand and strives daily to remind us of this. Today, it is certainly one of the most appreciated brands by streetwear and sportswear lovers. Here are some tips to choose your Stone sweater. For a more urban style, the oversize cut is preferred. You'll have to take a size up. If you're not sure what size to get, feel free to follow our step by step article How does Stone Island Sweatshirt fit ? to choose the right sizing.

For those who like sportswear and fitted cuts, go for your usual size. Note that this line of men's clothing is made of cotton. Thus, the fabric will tend to relax after a certain number of washes.


How does the Stone Island jacket size?

The primary function of stone island clothing for men is to be functional and the jackets and coats from the compass rose collections are part of this logic. It's an open secret: the Italian brand has only one watchword: innovation. Choosing the sizing of a Stone Island Jacket will depend on two factors: 

  • The product choice (windbreaker, coat, parka or down jacket)
  • Product sensitivity, which translates into the way you like to wear your garment.

Indeed, this range is undoubtedly the most technical in terms of cut and material. In general, we can see that the Stone Island jacket for men is generally made to be worn close to the body. We recommend to choose your usual size. However, if you are used to straight cuts, don't hesitate to choose an extra size.


How does the Stone Island cap size?

  • The Stone Island 99168 cap

This Stone Island cap is a reference in the dressing room of the Italian label. We summarize the differences between the models in our guide How does Stone Island cap size ?. It has a unique sizing and has an adjustable band at the back for a better fit.

  • The Stone Island 99575 cap

For men, the nylon metal cap has two sizes, a medium and a large. The medium version corresponds to a head circumference of 57cm while the large model is suitable for a head circumference of 58cm. It still has an elasticated back cap to optimize the fit.


How do the Stone Island pants fit?

A must-have in men's wardrobes, pants are often the piece to pay special attention to at the sizing. Indeed, the choice is made on the basis of two data : 

  • Waist (heights)
  • Morphology (pelvis and thighs)

Your choice will be made according to these two data. At Stone, it is very often a classic cut. For this type, don't hesitate to choose your usual size. For example, if you are used to 32 for example, don't hesitate to take 32 at the Italian label!

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