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The Ultimate Guide to the Stone Island Logo

The compass rose is now a brand that is no longer presented. Over the years, the Italian label has been able to innovate, explore and satisfy the brand's aficionados. But one detail has gone through the years without taking a wrinkle, their logo. Discover all the Stone Island products resulting from all this research over the years on our Graduate Store e-shop.

Over the years, the Italian label has been able to innovate, explore and satisfy the brand's aficionados. But one detail has gone through the years without taking a wrinkle, their logo. This little boiled wool patch is so significant, as a symbol of belonging to a community. That satisfying little look, exchanged when you meet another person wearing Stone. He who at the base pays homage to the military inspirations of the label but also to the sense of adventure and exploration that animated Massimo Osti, the founder of the brand. We're going to unveil its declinations and secrets. 

Classic Stone Island Logo - The Unique

No need to introduce it anymore, the patch of the classic Stone Island line is known and recognized. A black boiled wool decorated with embroidery, the yellow compass rose and the brand name in green. It is the emblematic logo of Stone Island. In spite of the change from a green to a black border, it has existed since the creation of the brand i.e. 1982. Moreover, if you want to learn more about the history of the brand, our article Where does Stone Island come from ? looks back at the creation and beginnings of this now iconic streetwear brand.

Stone Island Vintage Logo - The Original

Prior to 2000, the patches had a green border which alone gave the pieces a vintage look. These old school badges are no longer manufactured and there is every reason to believe that products wearing this patch will increase in value over time. 

Stone Island Ghost Logo - Elegant Camouflage

The Ghost pieces, inspired by military textiles and the concept of camouflage, are totally monochrome. The patch is also available in a special monochrome version to blend in with the garment. A black jacket, a black patch, a red sweatshirt, a red patch. All the elements of a Ghost piece blend together to form a single entity, the piece itself. A minimalist aesthetic at the service of the silhouette and colors, the strengths of Stone. It is also possible to find this logo tone on tone on the caps of the brand, which we present to you in our article How Does Stone Island Cap Fit ? so thanks to this writing the caps of the brand will have no more secrets for you.

Stone Island Shadow Project Logo - The Lab

That black patch says so much. It represents everything that makes Stone Island a brand apart, its research and development. The Shadow Project range is the spearhead of this constant search for innovation. It is the laboratory of the mad scientist Carlo Rivetti (current president of the brand). This branch of Stone Island was designed by Errolson Hugh of Acronym, known for his futuristic designs and shapes.

Limited Edition Stone Island Logo - Stone Island Values

There is also a series of rarer black badges with the white logo that were originally made on some jackets to celebrate the new millennium. The badge with the white logo is now visible on jackets that use materials that Stone Island develops itself in its laboratories. As on the Ice range, which includes all the thermo-sensitive parts, but also new jacket models such as the "Liquid Reflective", which uses thousands of small glass shards that reflect light. Over the seasons Stone Island has created designs always more effective, so in our article Stone Island FW19 between Innovation and Heritage we present one of the most legendary collections of the brand to the compass rose.

Stone Island Mesh badge - UFO

This one is quite unknown, there is no real logic around this patch, it appeared around 2006, and adorns the limited edition left sleeve. It is often associated with technical and retro pieces. It is easily recognized because it is almost transparent. 

Logo Stone Island 30 anni - Anniversary Edition

One of the rarest. It is the badge celebrating the 30 years of the brand, it was released in 2012. It is nothing less than the classic badge, on which the compass rose is surrounded by a laurel wreath reminiscent of those of the Roman emperors. Underneath the logo is the inscription "30 anni", which simply means "30 years". This badge is rare because it was only issued less than a year ago, just for the anniversary collection. 

Stone Island Hand Corrosion Logo - When Delirium Leads to Genius

In recent years, the brand has tried out artisanal washing techniques. One of them was Hand Corrosion. It consists in washing the piece with stones (pebbles, pumice stone ...). The aim is to age the piece instantly, making it unique because each piece is different after treatment. The patch is also aged, we can recognize it by the wear which gives it a whitened aspect. 

Stone Island Hand Painted Logo - A chaotic vision of the future

As the name suggests, these are hand-painted pieces. A dripping technique making each jacket and badge unique. This limited edition appeared for the Fall / Winter 2019 season on the Paintball Camo pieces of the brand. A deliberately neglected aesthetic resembling motor oil stains offering a futuristic and chaotic projection, reminiscent of the Mad Max universe. 

Denim Logo Stone Island Edition - Alliance between tradition and innovation

Released in 2006 on a small number of pieces, the Reflective Denim patch combines the tradition of denim with Stone Island's own innovation in reflective materials. It is one of the rarest editions Stone Island has ever created.

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