How to spot fake Stone Island

Recognized around the world, the Stone Island brand has become so popular that certain abuses have come to light through counterfeiting. Victim of its success, the Italian brand is nevertheless trying to curb this phenomenon by providing its products with an authentication code. These efforts do not prevent the presence of counterfeit products on the market. So how to spot a fake Stone Island? This is a question we will try to answer in this article.

As mentioned earlier, Stone Island is fighting hard against counterfeiting. To this end, the trademark has introduced important measures to limit fraudulent reproductions as much as possible. These include the addition of a unique authentication number on all Stone clothing. These measures are reinforced by Certilogo's technology, which allows customers to instantly verify the origin of each Stone Island product.

How to avoid the trap of Stone Island counterfeiting

Let it be said that the measures taken by the compass rose do not totally eliminate the problem. All the more so since the factories behind the Stone Island counterfeits are becoming more and more efficient in reproduction. So, if we were to give you a first piece of advice, it would be to buy Stone Island from an official dealer.

As far as the second-hand market is concerned, there are different methods that will allow you to recognize a fake Stone Island. Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is important to keep in mind that authentication methods can vary depending on the pieces and the quality of each one. That's why we are going to present you the essential steps to recognize a real Stone Island sweater.

How to recognize a fake Stone Island sweater

The sweater remains to this day one of the most counterfeit pieces at Stone Island. Here are our tips that will help each and every one of you during an authentication. In order to recognize a fake Stone Island sweater, it is imperative that you check the entire piece and leave no stone unturned. Our tips for authenticating a sweatshirt are:

- Check the authentication code

- Check the aesthetics of the room

- Check the logo patch

Check the authentication code

Each Stone Island room has an authentication code. So, by visiting the Certilogo website you can easily obtain information on the origin of the product concerned. Simply enter the number code on the label on the clothing on the Certilogo.com website, or scan the QR code on the label with a smartphone.

Check the aesthetic aspect of the room

This method consists of checking the general aspect of the room, carefully analysing each detail. Make sure to check the inner labels, taking the time to analyse the logo. A fake Stone Island sweater can also be recognized by its very poor quality finishes. Stone Island products have a very specific stitching. Add to this the quality of the textile which will give you a real indication of the conformity of the product. Last but not least, you should also check the ribbed edges.

Check the logo patch

Start by checking the color of the logo. The real logo patch has rather pale colors (saturated effect). The buttons that hold the Stone Island logo patch in place also give an indication of the authenticity of the room. This is because the engraving of the Stone Island logo is more pronounced than on fake products.

Check the ART code

Inscribed on the inner label, the ART code is also a very good way to spot a fake Stone Island. The only condition for this is to have a good mastery of subtlety. Like a barcode, the ART number communicates the year of creation, the range, the type of product (t-shirt, sweater, trousers etc). This number applies to all products marketed by the CP Company group.

The first two numbers correspond to the year. Collections produced in 2020 should logically begin with 72/73. Pieces produced in : 

  • 2017 : 66/67
  • 2018 : 68/69
  • 2019 : 70/71
  • 2020 : 72/73
  • 2021 : 74/75

Even numbers represent the Spring/Summer season and odd numbers indicate the Fall/Winter season

Then this number may be accompanied by the number :

  • 14, which indicates that the product in question is from the Stone Island denim range
  • 15, with reference to the Stone Island range
  • 16, indicating the Stone Island kids line

Finally, the set can be accompanied by a number from 0 to 9 or a letter. As mentioned above, the ART code applies to all the products of the Italian group. We will only list here the numbers and letters that concern Stone Island : 

  • 2 = t-shirts
  • 5 = knitwear
  • 6 = sweatshirt (hoodie et crewneck)
  • 7 = long coast
  • 9 = accessoires
  • G = waistcoat
  • L = Shorts
  • M = Jacket

Here are some tips on how to recognize a fake Stone Island. Of course, expertise must be added to these tips. Indeed, to authenticate Stoney, you must first of all have a fairly developed knowledge of the products. For this reason do not hesitate to consult our latest articles about the brand in order to perfect your culture:

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