Founded in 1825 by the brothers Cyrius and James Clarks in Somerset, England, the brand Clarks Originals has established itself over the years as the world leader in city footwear. A specific...
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Founded in 1825 by the brothers Cyrius and James Clarks in Somerset, England, the brand Clarks Originals has established itself over the years as the world leader in city footwear. A specific know-how and an inimitable style have made this house and its pairs of shoes classics of the men's wardrobe. With an archive of more than 22,000 models, Clarks Originals has been able, through its know-how and traditions, to define a generation and trigger a revolution.

Often made with a suede or smooth leather upper combined with the legendary crepe sole, Clarks shoes have stood the test of time. They stand the test of time, going through the ages without getting wrinkled like the suede Wallabee or the Originals Desert London. But the brand from the Somerset region doesn't rest on its laurels and doesn't hesitate to collaborate with fashion giants like Supreme, the English tannery Charles FStead, the famous Drake OVO label or the Wu Tang Clan.

Step by step Clarks has established itself as the chic and classy city shoe of the last 10 years. Whether it is the Originals Desert Mali, the Originals Desert London, the Originals Desert Trek or the famous suede Wallabee, whether it is a pair of city shoes, lace-up shoes, or a pair of boots, the brand is a sacred monster of world footwear. So many iconic classic models that have gone through the years without going out of fashion.

Clarks Originals Shoes

The Clarks Originals boots, like the Originals Desert Mali, are also very beautiful pieces, robust and comfortable. Often made with noble materials from the English tannery Charles FStead, Clarks Originals shoes are a must. Indeed, whether you are a fan of Clarks Originals desert trek or the clarks originals wallabee, you are not without knowing that the town shoes of the British brand are the ultimate accessory. No matter which model you choose, from the Clarks Originals boots to the Clarks Originals Wallabee and the Clarks Originals Desert trek, each model has been cleverly designed to match your everyday outfits.

For this SS21 collection, Clarks Originals continues to decline the colorways of their iconic moccasin Wallabee with colors perfect for the arrival of the beautiful days, including a tumeric, a blue suede and a maple

How To Clean Suede Clarks? Suede Shoes Care.

Yes, this is a very delicate subject. How to wash this material? And first of all, what is suede? Is it the same as nubuck? You'll be all over these questions with our blog post "How To Clean Suede Clarks? Suede Shoes Care. "
We will first define the different types of leather, nubuck, suede, velvet, and then we will see how to best maintain your pair of Originals. It is better to prevent than to cure. Then we will see how to clean them concretely according to the "degree of dirt", and finally we will see what not to do.

How to Size Clarks Shoes? Size Guide.

To have shoes with that size, obviously it is important. We do not neglect the comfort of his feet! But also a pair of leather Clarks, like any leather shoe, can become deformed if your foot does not fit the shoe properly.
With our article "How To Size Clarks Shoes? Size Guide" you will be equipped. We talk about Desert Boots, Wallabees, Desert Trek, and also Desert London. Shape, toe box, width of foot ... All information to be well equipped!

How To Wear Clarks Shoes? Advice on colors and materials.

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The history of Clarks Shoes in Jamaica.

Ah, Jamaica and the Originals, a true love story! A passion for its shoes that doesn't date back to yesterday. In our article "The History Of Clarks Shoes In Jamaica. "we talk about the roots of streetwear on the island and the cultures that emerged. And above all how the love of Jamaicans for the English brand was born.
Origin story of an unwavering passion, supported by collaborations and partnerships between the label and the island.

All About Clarks Originals Collaborations From Supreme To Wu-Tang.

Very big file that the collabs between Clarks and a myriad of other brands and actors of the pop culture. It's even hard to keep track. We've got you covered with our article that tells you "All About Clarks Originals Collaborations From Supreme To Wu-Tang. "
As the title suggests, we look back at the brand's emergence in 90's New York rap. And we look back at the great featuring that have marked the history of fashion and streetwear.