Barena Venezia was originally a small family-owned Italian brand. Thanks to the innovation of its fabrics for tailored clothing, it was a trendsetter for men in Italy. Timeless pieces that navigate between realism, comfort and innovative curiosity: this is the philosophy of the house of BARENA Venezia.

Conceived, designed and manufactured in Venice itself, Barena Venezia's clothes are fine, precise and tasteful. The quality-price ratio of its pieces is simply flawless. Comfortable shapes, refined designs with noble materials (linen, cotton, wool...), this is what has delighted fashion lovers since 1961. Barena Venezia is one of those brands that delights men and women who want to have a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes. Discover more information below. And don't hesitate to come to our stores to discover our selection.

Barena Venezia clothing

For their new season SS22, Barena Venezia offers us clothes always more sober and elegant. Its stoco and nerio pants, as well as the cedrone overshirt are cut to perfection. This summer, Barena Venezia will be the ideal label to bring you the style and comfort you are looking for at an excellent quality-price ratio. So for this new collection, Barena Venezia offers us their mola shirt entirely made of linen. A beautiful sleeveless shirt in linen, with Italian collar, with a throat of three buttons. On the other side, the coppi and donde shirts are also made of linen and satin cotton. In pants, you'll find the Nerio, which reworks the cotton seersucker fabric in a monochrome hue. Another beautiful piece, always at a contained price, the bativoga mare pants, which this time presents a denim as light as it is textured.

Barena Venezia's clothing, like Venice, is a reference for chic, good taste and quality. The brand offers a wide range of garments, from wool knitwear, cotton pants, blazers and linen jackets. Among the iconic pants of Barena Venezia we find, the tapered pants barena venezia, the glen pants or the cigarette pants barena venezia.

With the Barena Venezia brand, you will have the possibility to match your high waist pants with one of their sublime oversized linen shirt or a woolen sweater barena to have a dressy outfit. Moreover, Barena Venezia shines for its women's range thanks to the flared skirt or the pleated skirt which are real must-haves. You will also find more atypical clothes like the flying bib with its crop sleeves. To complete your 100% Italian outfit, the addition of a printed blazer or a crop blazer will give you warmth and comfort in all situations.

Barena Venezia pants and skirt

The Italian clothing brand Barena Venezia is well known for its offer of cigarette pants, pleated skirts and jackets for men and women. We can count in its ranks the tapered pants with its elastic waist, the crop pants with high waist, or the loose pants. A vast collection of clothing made with premium materials, often in 100% cotton, or 100% linen for more summery pieces.

For the arrival of the good weather and the summer season, we can only recommend the barena bermuda shorts and the barena shirt with round neckline and embroidered logo to stay chic while enjoying the sun. Or the barena pants with elastic waist. For evenings, a pair of barena pants with a belted waistband or a pair of loose-fitting pants with a barena jacket will be perfect to stay chic and casual in all circumstances.

Blazer, Shirt and Jackets Barena Venezia

Another item of choice at Barena Venezia is of course the tops. The oversized 100% linen shirt for example will be a comfortable asset for hot summers. The printed shirt, classic cut such as the shirt miriana cotton, reference of the label.

We find in the label pieces much more typical as the barena jacket buttonhole cross or the barena blazer buttonhole cross. No doubt that the embroidered logo Barena Venezia will follow you through the seasons. Come to our stores, we are available to provide you with more information about the brand, and you will build a wardrobe of clothes 100% Barena Venezia!

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