Barena Venezia was originally a small family-owned brand born in Italy . The label was officially founded In 1993 by Sandro Zara . At first he was a Venetian entrepreneur, but over the years...
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Barena Venezia was originally a small family-owned brand born in Italy. The label was officially founded In 1993 by Sandro Zara. At first he was a Venetian entrepreneur, but over the years he started developing an interest for the old school tailoring fabrics in Italy. A few years later Sandro and his partner Massimo Pigozzo decided to create a label in which they could use all of their experience and knowledge, so Barena Venezia was born.


To this day, the brand is true to its fabric-first spirit. They pick the best fabrics possible and use them as inspiration for their new designs. Conceived, designed and manufactured in Venice, Barena Venezia's clothes are graceful, precise and elegant. Comfortable shapes and adjusted cuts, refined designs and high quality materials ( wool, cotton, linen), this is what kept fashion lovers entertained since 1961. The logo of the brand is a sanpierotta, a sailing flat-bottom boat with a man riding it. The brand has influenced men and women for now more than 25 years. Barena's name is a derivation from the word "baro" which means in Italian "emerged lands" in reference to a Venetian landscape where fishers and hunters could both practice their profession.


For their new SS22 season, Barena Venezia offers collection with more sobriety and class for a contained price. Its stoco and nerio pants as well as the cerdane overshirt are perfectly cut. The brand also offers a set of shirt (blue, white, black, beige), coat, trousers( brown, white), jacket, sweater (beige, white, black) and cardigan. The summer collection contains some special editions such as the mola shirt, a sleeveless shirt with an Italian collar and a throat of three buttons (100% linen). We can also talk about the coppi and donde shirt also made in linen and satin cotton. Concerning the pants, we have the nerio which rework the cotton seersucker fabric in monochrome hue. On the other hand, the baltivoga mare pant, presenting a light denim. Among the others iconic items of Barena Venezia we have the tapered and the glen pants and the cigarette pants Barena Venezia. Barena Venezia has always been a reference for chic, elegance and quality. The brand offers a wide range of items from wool knitwear, cotton sweaters and hoodies, blazers and linen jackets.

Womenswear isn't left aside at Barena Venezia. Their women's range is just as successful as their men's range. Some of most notable articles are the flared skirt, the pleated skirt, wool sweatshirts, the flying bib and a printed or a cropped blazer. The brand also produces a lot of xxl articles that blend between both genders such as the over size tee shirt, over size shirt and xxl hoodies.


We already mentioned some of the most notorious articles from the label's collections, but let's now focus on some of the most exclusive and prestigious ones. The first one we are going to mention is the Novena wool trousers. An elegant trousers all black ( and all white ) that you can wear at events or in the streets, the cost is estimated at 333€. Then, the famous Bioto Bosom pinstriped canvas trousers. A classical trousers with an elastic waist and large fitting pants, the cost is estimated at 392€.


Another dominant items at Barena's are the tops. The label has a set of typical articles such as the barena jacket buttonhole cross and the buttonhole blazer cross both embroidered with the brand's logo on it. Let's take a quick look at the premium and exclusive products. On top of the list we have the Refada patch-pocket-wool-blend blazer estimated at 589€. We also have the Dezial Toma wool shirt estimated at 345€. Last but not least, the famous Cruna zipped ribbed-wool cardigan at the price of 518€.