NN07 ("No Nationality 07") is a label that inspires us the journey since 2009. The label with Danish origins delivers quality sportswear pieces inspired by travel, encounters and culture sharing. The priority of the label is to provide us with clothes with high quality materials that will stand the test of time, and at the right price.

The New Collection of the Label NN07

Strong of convictions and history NN07 is a multicultural label that proposes collections inspired by the countries it visits. And what better way for a first collection than to tackle the reference country for fashion, fashion week and chic, France. Among this collection, NN07 will propose the iconic Levon shirt or its little sister, the Errico shirt in 100% cotton material and which will be declined in navy, white or black colors. The label offers clothes with both slim and elegant cuts, which find their details in the manufacturing material and colors play a key role in the originality of the items.

For this new season SS21, the brand NN07 freshly arrived from Denmark transports us to Athens, mother city of civilization and democracy. Items with sober tones like the Clive 3323 Olive green 339 are combined with garments from the collection with bright colors like the Errico shirt in cotton or with the Levon shirt 5029 burned Red 542 bringing a balance to the collection. All these items with an astonishing quality-price ratio, ensure your wardrobe comfort, modernity and durability. To be found in France in our boutiques.

The Little Story of a Great Label.

The NN07 label was born in 2007 and wants to be "no nationality", so that gives us NN07. This high-flying brainstorming comes from the two creators of the Danish label, Victor Lindh and Ulrick Pedersen, the two companions had for wish to create clothes reflecting a state of mind all Scandinavian, a sense of minimalism, while being influenced by other styles and brands. Japanese brands in the first place.

Over the years the label has established itself as one of the best brands of basics, offering a solid range of products for men, from chino to shirt and tee, including sweater and knit of all kinds. With a sense of detail and especially materials extremely worked, cotton or linen, wool and wild silk. Products cleverly constructed, with a justified quality-price ratio.

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