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Battenwear is an american brand of outdoor adventure/activities clothing for men. The clothing label englobes everything that concerns outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, biking and...
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Battenwear is an american brand of outdoor adventure/activities clothing for men. The clothing label englobes everything that concerns outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, biking and running. What makes the label so attractive is how well they blented functional, well made gears with a fragment of fashion. The owner actually revealed that he took his inspiration from 60' and 80's surfwear and others outwear. Battenwear was created by Shinya Hasegawa in 2011, his main goal was to make products that are multi-functional, comfortable and stylish. The clothings are suppose to last long and have good resistance, the accessories ( packable totebags, cap, glasses) are not easy to break and easily packable. Shinya Hasegawa's passion for adventures and sports like surfing, hiking and climbing is the origin of the brand's creation. Battenwear is the brand for every sports addicts, it allows you to represent what you love and stand for. 


In this article, we talk more precisely about the founder's story and where does he get his inspiration from. He landed in New York for his studies in Fashion Institute of Technology. A few months later, he made a decisive meeting for his career, with Daiki Suzuki from Engineered Garments. Daiki decided to pick Shinya as an assistant designer at Woolrich Woolen Mills, where he also met Mark McNairy. Both became his mentors and taught him the basics of textile design and vintage wear. 

When Shinya was working on a new project, his mentors ecouraged him to fly on his own and create his own clothing brand. It started in 2011, the brand hasn't stopped expanding their reach and is now famous all around the world. More informations are available in our article "Shinya Hasegawa, Designer of Battenwear aka the adventurer of vintage wear."


All of Battenwear's products are crafted in North America. Although the owner admitted that made in USA isn't always a safe bet, the quality in the US is better than elsewere where it is more focused on quantity production. It also ensures that the workers are working under humane working conditions policy and give a lot more control on how things goes since eveything is nearby. Most products are made within a three-block area of the office in Manhattan's Garment District.

It is true that Battenwear was originally created for menswear s, but somehow they started to attract a lot of women. They had to adjust the sizes and make the products available for both genders. Women are mostly buying ,parka, pullover, tee or shirt and lazy pants and shorts. Size XXS to XL are now available to all.


For this SS22 season, Battenwear is coming back with a set of classical products and outfits inspired by the 80's inspired colors including lazy pants, tee shirts, packable totebags, denim pants, shorts and jacket.

Among the products that you can find on our website or in stores we have : the neighbor cardigan polartec, travel shell parka forest green, batten-down deck jacket toast, the price for these products lies between 700£ and 860£. We also have the team I/s pocket tee light green (olive), the active lazy pants available in blue navy, beige, brown and black for the price of 260£. The collection also includes a large set of products such as denim blue shorts, the weekend shorts (navy, green, black), the lazy pants sage paradise followed by the active lazy shorts and the famous five pocket shirts. 


Inside of our article "10th anniversary of Battenwear" we present Shinya's collection inspired by surfing, California. The collection is composed by bright colours on every products. A lot of new aspects were featured on this collection which changes from the 60's old school stuff and is more about 90's retro vibe with neon bright colours, the beach and the sun. The collection contains a lot of revisited items in their design and colors already mentionned such as the five pocket island shirt with classic linear patterns, purple tee shirt, short and cap that reminds the colors of the L.A Lakers and shaded kaki pieces like jacket, packable totebags, lazy pants, graphic designed pullover and long sleeve shirts available in navy, black and olive.