Battenwear is a young American brand created by Shinya Hasegawa in 2011.This brand with a very strong identity offers mainly outwear.  Each piece is a tribute to the 60s and 80s, a period dear to the designer, since it is from this period that the brand draws its many sources of inspiration. As we have mentioned, Hasegawa takes its inspiration from the trends in outdoor clothing, but more precisely from surfing and outdoor activities. As for the winter selections, they are well known and recognized for their very strong technical pieces, all ideal to accompany you.  So Battenwear is not only characterized by an attractive design with a vintage spirit, but also by a high conception quality. Each piece benefits from the greatest care and is designed in a New York workshop. This high standard of quality makes it one of the most popular outdoor brands to date, as it offers high-quality, functional and trendy clothing.

The label's SS20 collection is built around tees, shirts with retro designs supporting the designer's surf inspirations as well as jackets with tile patterns. We will note the presence of multiple totes bags that will be perfect to accompany you during your tanning afternoons at the beach. Battenwear will be happy to accompany you whatever the conditions.

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